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Top New Attractions in Dubai

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You’ll find plenty of new things to see and do in Dubai as the city continues to grow rapidly and expand its world-class attractions. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Dubai has something to offer everyone, from stunning beaches to lush desserts to exciting shopping opportunities on The Palm. If you’re planning your next vacation, here you can explore the top new attractions in Dubai that will make your trip amazing and memorable. 

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Here Are The Top New Attractions in Dubai

Museum of the Future Dubai

Museum of the Future is the world’s first interactive museum that explores how technology will shape our lives. The Museum features a range of interactive exhibits and installations that give visitors insights into future technologies through their impacts on society, culture, and the environment.

Palm Tower

Dubai is a city on the rise and there are many new attractions to check out. This tower not only houses apartments but also includes an 18-hole golf course with the most breathtaking views from any of the tees. You can also climb over 200 meters up in a glass skywalk, take a stroll around this man-made forest or go for a swim at one of the pools.

Topgolf Dubai

Topgolf is an entertainment complex that combines gourmet food, interactive games, and music to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Located at the Jumeirah Golf Estates, the Topgolf complex has a stunning view of the Arabian Gulf. In addition to the golfing range, Topgolf also offers a full menu with items for both vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

TopgolfDubai’s newest, most technologically advanced, and largest library, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library has just opened its doors. Located next to the iconic Burj Khalifa, this museum-like space boasts 27 levels, a 500-seat auditorium, and six floors of reading rooms. The library is home to over 1.5 million Arabic books as well as English language collections of International newspapers and magazines.

Hatta Wadi Hub

Located in the Hatta region of Dubai, this entertainment destination has been designed to reflect traditional Emirati culture. The Hatta Wadi Hub is home to a range of activities, including kite-flying, rock climbing, and water sports. Visitors can also enjoy food and drink sourced from local markets. The Hatta Wadi Hub is accessible by car or public transport. Dubai Visa holders may enter without a visa for 30 days at a time, with unlimited access to the site during each period of stay.

Zombie Apocalypse Park

Dubai’s Zombie Apocalypse Park is the first of its kind to be located in the Middle East and features a 45-minute guided tour with both indoor and outdoor scenes. Visitors are equipped with a laser gun to shoot zombies throughout their journey through the park while they are surrounded by smoke, sounds, flashing lights, and other special effects. Alongside the park, there are tour companies that offer travel agents for Dubai visas.

Sky Views Dubai

As the most elevated building in the globe, it’s no astonishment that Burj Khalifa is one of Dubai’s considerable famous magnets. The observation deck, located on the 124th floor and called Atmosphere, is also one of the top new attractions in Dubai for families with children and travelers alike. However, many other new attractions have been opening up around town recently.

Jungle Bay 

One of the newest and most popular attractions in Dubai is Jungle Bay. Located on the man-made Palm Jumeirah, this family-friendly water park offers a variety of leisurely activities including waterslides, lazy rivers, and more. The park also boasts some of the best views of the ocean. Visitors can also enjoy one of four rests.

Dubai Banksy Exhibition 

The newest attractions in the city is the Banksy Exhibition, which is on display at the Art Jameel gallery at Etihad Towers. The artist has a unique take on street art, but his most famous creations are his stenciled graffiti pieces that appear on walls around the world. This exhibition will only be open for two weeks, so make sure to visit before it’s gone!

The exhibition of 30 large-scale works will showcase pieces from his most famous series Pulp Fiction, Ocean Liner, and Spy Booth.

XLine Dubai Marina

XLine is a 12km-long, 4.5km-wide linear park designed to offer visitors to Dubai Marina the opportunity to stroll through an unspoiled natural environment and enjoy the experience of nature’s beauty with some of the world’s best views. The entire XLine loop, with its landscaped gardens, tree-lined walkways, and recreational areas, is conveniently accessible from any point along its route by several different modes of transport.

Ain Dubai

Dubai is a desert city that blends beautifully with the man-made urban landscape and also it is popular as the top new attractions in Dubai. Built by locals from scratch, it has grown from being a tiny fishing village to one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. After years of rapid growth, it’s finally opened its doors to visitors who can explore this unique multicultural hub and the latest attractions on offer.  

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