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Planning a Trip to UAE is going to be an Exciting and a Life-Changing Event for you and your loved ones. Probably this Is Why you need Visa Experts at your Disposal! With us, you can manage to get your UAE Visa Services within two working days.

Are you planning to visit the UAE? 

If you are citizen of a country which is listed on the list of countries that require a visa to travel UAE, then along with the passport, you must require a UAE visa to travel the United Arab Emirates.

Applying for a visa to UAE

Unless you are a citizen of visa exempted country, you’ll require a visa for traveling UAE before going there. Depending on your nationality, you just need to obtain a visa. With either of the ways, one can easily get a visa to the emirate country.

Where to apply for UAE Visa Services?

For applying a visa to UAE, one can visit the nearest embassy, a trusted travel agency, or an airline. Choose Disha Global Tours as we have different UAE visa services for our worldwide customers.

How much time does it take to process the UAE visa?

The process of obtaining a UAE visa is different from other countries. It can take up to 2 to 3 working days, depending upon the workings of the airline or the travel agency.

UAE Visa Types

Depending upon the purpose of traveling & time duration, there are three types of UAE visas that can be applied accordingly.

I. Visit Visa 

If your plan is to travel UAE to visit your family member who is a resident of the UAE. That family member must be the sponsor who should be applying visa for you.

II.  Transit visa

In case you are traveling UAE for at least 8 hours, but not more than four days (including arrival & departure day), this visa can be used within two weeks, i.e., 14 days from the issuing date.

III. Tourist visa

If you plan to visit a distant relative/ friend or if you are traveling for leisure, the single-entry visa can let you have a month-long stay there, i.e., 30 days. A multiple-entry visa is also available. But if you know someone in the country, then it would be easier to obtain a visa if they apply for you. But if you have no connections there, you can get a visa through an airline or any travel agency.

How To Avail UAE Visa Services?

There are number of ways to apply for UAE Visa. Follow below easy steps to apply for UAE Visa:

  • Simply email us your Visitor’s passport copy along with your contact details to apply for your UAE Visa. Our mail ID – info@dishaglobaltours.com
  • Once we receive your details, we will get start to work on your Visa and reach you for your payment methods.
  • Once all the formalities and paperwork is complete, you can get your UAE Visa within two working days from us.

So take the advantage of Disha Global Tours- Your Friendly Tour Partner, to make your trip stress free.

Note: For every visa services conditions are applied because prices differ nationality to nationality.

Price: Starting from 199 AED
UAE Visa Service

48 Hours Transit Visa

Price: Starting from 450 AED
UAE Visa Service

30 Days UAE Tourist Visa

Price: Starting from 2099 AED
UAE Visa Service

90 Days Multi Entry UAE Visa

Price: Starting from 250 AED
UAE Visa Service

96 Hours Transit Visa

Price: Starting from 999 AED
UAE Visa Service

30 Days Multi Entry UAE Visa

Price: Starting from 399 AED
UAE Visa Service

14 Days Dubai / UAE Visa

Price: Starting from 999 AED
UAE Visa Service

90 Days UAE Tourist Visa

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