Dubai multiple entry visa is one of the most useful visa types that avail to help UAE visitors, those who are intending to enter and exit UAE many times within a given period using one specific visa. That means using the same visa within a given time frame you can travel back and forth from to UAE as much as you want. 1 month multiple-entry tourist visa is suggested for tourists looking for a short-term stay in Dubai or UAE for multiple journeys like conferences, meetings, or transit stay, etc. 

To receive the Dubai multiple entry visa for your journey to Dubai, UAE that enables visitor or business people to explore the nearby country and back to Dubai or other emirate. We have available 30 days multiple-entry visas. Dubai entrance leads to this visa as a multi-entry visa for long-term and short-term.

30 days multiple entry visa will make tour within UAE and visiting nearby nations more comfortable for tourists who require to make many stays for a short time whether by air, land sea, and turn back to Dubai on the similar visa instead of holding to acquire extra time and cost getting two or three or more visas. 

How to Apply 30 days Multiple entry Dubai visa

For tourists who require to visit UAE very frequently for business requirements or other significant business concerns comprising meetings and conferences, Disha Global Tours now provides multiple entry visas. Valid for 30 days, this kind of visa will allow adequate candidates to enter and go from UAE through the efficacy period, with the appended advantage that they want not have to reapply for a visa each time. Contact Disha Tour’s visa experts to get more data on multiple-entry visas. 

With these easy methods, you can simply apply for a 30-day multiple-entry visa. 

  • Fill up the visa application form
  • Photograph in white background
  • Attach documents needed for visa processing
  • Enter credit card information for making payment

To make payment, you can also opt choices comprising online money transfer. When we get your application, we will review your documents and may sometimes contact you for further information, varying on your nationality or motive of visit.



  • Visitor’s Scanned Passport copy (valid minimum for 6 months)
  • Passport Size photographs with white background preferred
  • Visa Charges


  • Guarantor’s Passport copy and visa page copy (both valid for minimum 3 months)

Note: This is not applicable in case the visitor does not have a guarantor in the U.A.E.

 How We Can Help You

With Disha Global Tours you will get your 30 days multi-entry Dubai visa with a quick and easy process. Contact us here and we will assist you to get your visa on time. You can feel free to get in touch with us and get your visa easily. We provide you trouble-free Dubai visa assistance. With a high expert and devoted team of visa experts, we are here to serve all your Dubai visa application needs. 

Talk to our Travel Experts on +971 529714983 or +971 4325 8000 or contact us to find out more. You can now reach out to us on Whatsapp on +971 529714983 or +971502120815 for the same.


  • Please note that the visa application will be made only after the required documentations are completed and all the payments are cleared.
  • Please ensure that documents you provide are not forged. Strict actions could be taken for the concerned.
  • We recommend applying for your Visa at least 5-7 days prior to your arrival. We require 5 working days to process your visa. In case of application being on hold with the Immigration, the approval may take 2 more working days.
  • Although the validity of the visa is 60-days from the date of issue to enter the country, but we recommend the traveller to enter the country within 15 days. Travelling after 15 days should be charged USD 35 as an extra fee.
  • Travellers whose visas are already issued and could not travel due to uncertain reasons, a penalty of USD 70 will be charged from the guarantee.
  • If in case the tourist does not exit the country within the due date specified, the guarantee amount will be used without any information to them to remove the overstay.
  • Moreover USD 30/day will be charged from the guarantee amount as an overstay fine from our side apart from the fines incurred by the immigration.
  • The security cheque will only be refunded if our Online System shows the particular traveller has LEFT THE COUNTRY.

Payment & Bookings

  • For All transactions required advanced payment
  • You Can do bank transfer or direct cash payment
  • If eligible for Refund your Amount will be returned back to your Account within 7 working days

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