Dubai Holiday Packages

Dubai Packages

Dubai is a very amazing city with creations and growing up on the basis of ideas, which are fully ahead of their time. This modernistic land seems straight out of a magic lamp and counts as the first and most popular international trip for many Indian travelers. Dubai has something for everyone, people want to explore Dubai even one time in their whole life. Desert Safari, Burj Khalifa, Miracle Garden Dolphin Aquarium, etc, this land will not forget to amaze you with what it has delivered along with our Dubai Tour Packages.

Dubai is an energetic and beautiful attraction that defines the identification of an unbeaten identity in the world of Dubai travel. Dubai is a unique mixture of amazing man-made beauties, fantastic amusement parks and luxury hotels, and several unique and exotic experiences.

Disha Global Tourism LLC created Dubai holiday packages to deliver unforgettable moments for you and give you a chance to live your travel dream. We deliver 3, 4, and 5-star tour packages that you easily choose according to your budget. With a wide range of Dubai tours, Disha Global Tour ensures that you make the most of your trip to Dubai. We amplify your Dubai travel experience with our excellent services and desirable offers and discounts, whether you select a Dubai family trip package, Dubai tour package, Dubai tour package for couples, or Dubai group package.

Take a look at our amazing Dubai tour packages, offered and clerical for the adventure, migrant, and lover of travel in you. If you want to explore more closely and wish to enjoy all places that are offered then select ones of multiple days, one experience of a lifetime. Book your trip with Disha Global Tour and capture the best moment of your life with us. We empower you to create the most alluring and unforgettable memories with our Dubai holidays package and invite you to experience our patrimony to travel, explore, and enjoy life.

Best Activities to Do during the Dubai Tour

  1. Desert Safari– Desert Safari is one of the best activities to do on your Dubai tour. Explore the endless desert, camel safari, beautiful sunset, night camping, fire shows, traditional dance, and barbeque dinner.
  2. Parasailing– On your Dubai tour, you must try parasailing. This is a special activity where a parachute is attached to the boat. The parachute floats in the sky and reaches high where you see the beautiful view of the city.
  3. Wakeboarding– Wakeboarding is a famous water sport where you enjoy tricky, unique, and spine-chilling experiences. Don’t forget to add this adventure to your Dubai tour.
  4. Zip-Lining– Must try Ziplining through Dubai Marina Zipline on your Dubai tour. In this activity, you see a bird’s eye view of the magnificent skyline of Dubai.