While you visit Dubai, you should definitely focus on trading in the hustle bustle of the city with a day in the wide red deserts! After all, this is what the most joyful part about your vacation is going to be! As the word suggests, Safari is derived from the word Safar, which literally means an expedition or a journey. The Dubai Desert Safari is therefore an expedition into the world of fearlessness and adventure. Experience the red dunes of Dubai on a monstrous four wheeler, crusading through the magnanimous beauty of the desert. Desert Safari also brings to your plate the traditional flavours and cuisines of the conventional Arab lifestyle. Truly, the best experience of your life – the Dubai Desert Safari is for the curious child in you.

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Once you have got your share of adrenaline rush, we have something else planned for you to keep that excitement going!

After your safari experiences you can relax your feet in the warm sand dunes of Dubai and indulge in camp activities and cuisines. The wind of the desert will literally blow your mind away. Sands, camels, cuisines, traditional attire, belly dance and tanoura dance, coffee, tea and BBQ, everything is missing you!

Experience Dubai under the night sky, full of stars. Bond with nature. Book your Dubai Desert Safari experience with Disha Global Tours today!

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