Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

Dubai multiple entry visa is one of the very practical prepared visa kinds that avail to assist UAE travelers, those who are choosing to enter or leave UAE many times within a provided time duration utilizing one specific visa. To obtain a 60-day multiple entry UAE visa for your visit to Dubai, which permits tourists or businessmen to visit the nearby country and return to Dubai. Disha Global Tours is here to make your visa application process easy and simple.

In the beginning, Dubai authorities declared the inauguration of a new 5-year multiple-entry visa. This visa, when started would stand obtainable to all overseas citizens and target to further increase tourism spending in the city. Although, you do not need to wait till this new visa comes into action to explore the urban lifestyle of Dubai. Now, Dubai gives a 60-day multiple-entry UAE visa.

60 days Multiple entry visa in Dubai even comes with an entry legality of 58 days. So, you will need to make your first trip to the UAE within this duration or your visa will expire automatically. This visa is perfect for visitors who like to reside for a long time in this city because it gives a residence tenure of 60 days. Also, This permits multiple entries as well.

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The Cost of Multiple Entry Dubai, UAE Visa

Like the term applicable on the 30-day visa, tenants of some overseas nations would stand asked to pay a protection deposit of taxes + 990 AED. This cost is refunded to their account when you leave the country. For a visa without a protection deposit, the overall cost is around 2111 AED. And for a visa with a deposit, the overall cost will stand at 3103 AED.

The common processing time for 2 months multiple-entry Dubai, UAE visa is three to four working days. But it is only indicative duration and the position can take a long time based on your application and immigration permission. Disha Global Tours is here to make it easy and hassle-free. You just need to connect with us, and we will guide you and even help you in making your visa application easily and finish it in the shortest possible time.

Apply for Multi Entry UAE Visa

In order to apply for 60 days multiple entry Dubai, UAE visa, you need to deal with several moves that can make you frustrated. However once you connect with Disha Global Tours, you are able to get your visa easily and smoothly. All you need to do is contact us and we will definitely help you to obtain your visa timely.

The visa applications can be completed through the UAE embassy or online booking with us. Forms are obtainable for download and the mentioned costs have to be presented online. For online applications supporting papers are uploaded and then go ahead. Once you have submitted successfully, you are able to check the status and work process on the website.

Documents Required for Multiple Entry Dubai, UAE Visa

Just like other visa applications, you will need to present several essential documents. It is based on your country of origin. Although, mentioned below are some compulsory documents that you will stand asked to present for a 60-day multiple entry Dubai visa.

  1. Passport bio page – that possesses your photo along with personal information. You will need to present a color copy of this page.
  2. The Last page of your passport – a color copy of the last page of your passport is compulsory in case there are crucial details specified in the same. Passports of some nationalities have vital details about the passport holder specified on the last page.
  3. Photo – A clean color photo is compulsory for your application. It must perfectly stand a passport-size photo. Although, kindly, don’t crop your passport photo and present the same.
  4. Residence proof – In case your current nation of permanent address and your nationality aren’t similar, you would stan asked to present your residency visa as evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a 60 days visa for Dubai?

A 60 days visa has come into action and is being granted. The new system presented one of the largest residency permit reforms. Disha Global Tours will guide you completely for the same.

What is a multiple-entry visa?

A multiple-entry visa is legal for 1 or 2 months. This can stand utilized for a long tenure. Utilizing this visa allows the holders to reside in the nation many times and reside there for a duration of 60 days for the first entry.

Can I get a multiple-entry visa for Dubai?

Once you complete the eligibility criteria for getting a visa in Dubai, you just need to connect with Disha Global Tours and your visa application will be formed easily and you can get your visa promptly.

How long can I stay in Dubai as a tourist?

As per the duration mentioned in the visa that you applied for. Your stay is completely based on the visa you applied for. Disha Global Tours will guide you properly on the same.

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