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Overview – 10 Days Oman Visa

Oman visa is a single-entry tourist visa that can be utilized to visit Oman. The 10-day single-entry short-term Oman visa is non-extendable and is good for a maximum of 90 days. It is possible to obtain an Oman tourist visa online on your own or through a qualified agent if the nation will only be visited for a brief period of time. Disha Global Tours is one of the best and most reliable ways to apply for a 10 days Oman visa, is where you can submit your application for a 10-day tourist visa to Oman. 

Oman is providing various kinds of visas and one of them is a family visit visa. This visa is intended for persons who want to travel to the Sultanate of Oman to visit or reunite with their family members there. For those of you who want to apply for a family visit visa for your family, we have compiled all the necessary information for you to do so in a few quick and easy steps. 

Documents Requirements For 10 Days Oman Visa

The required documentation for Oman tourist visa applications is minimal.

  • Your passport: Your passport must be at least six months old to be accepted. There should be at least three blank pages for stamping. The passport must be properly presented. It can’t be torn or broken.
  • Two pictures of the visitor: You need to take pictures against a white background. By clicking on the photo, the applicant’s face should fill 80% of the frame and have a straight grin. No helmet should be used, and the illumination should be adequate (apart from the religious purpose). Also clearly visible should be the applicant’s ear. 
  • Reservations: Return seats on flights are required. It serves as evidence that you can go abroad and still come home.
  • Bank statement: You must send your bank statement for the previous three months or more. You have enough money on your side to be able to accept and take care of yourself, as well as any dependents that are traveling with you financially. Your local bank office will send you a bank statement right away.
  • Reservation of a hotel: As proof of lodging, specifics from the hotel reservation are required. It provides information to the Department of Immigration about where you reside within the nation. 

Eligibility Of 10 Days Oman Visa

  • You are visiting Oman for Tourism
  • You hold a passport from an eligible nation
  • Your stay will not exceed 10 days Oman Visa.

Cost Of 10 Days Oman Tourist Visa

The Oman visa price for 10 days is 349* AED. You can get your Oman Visa with the help of Disha Global Tours. We assist you in getting your Oman visa without any hassle or trouble. We always try to give you cost-effective Oman visa services.

Important Information On Oman Visa

  • Travelers must submit their applications at least 3 working days before their journey to Oman.
  • Only those who are outside of Oman and whose existing electronic visa has expired may apply for a new Oman Visa.
  • Your online Oman visa expires when your passport does, should you make any changes to it, lose it, or have it stolen.
  • The possession of an Oman visa does not grant its holder permission to engage in employment there.
  • If you overstay your welcome without the proper entrance authorization, you will be fined 10 OMR for each consecutive day.
  • Only people who are not citizens of Oman are eligible to apply for an electronic visa. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of 10 days Oman Visa in Disha Global Tours is AED 250.

The Oman visa is valid for staying in the nation for a period of not more than three months on every visit. This visa permits its owner to stay in Oman for 30 days on every visit.

All visitors must have a passport that is valid for at least 6months. Citizens of 103 countries can now enter the sultanate for up to 14 days without obtaining a previous visa as part of efforts to boost the tourism industry. 

It fully varies on where you obtained your Oman visa.

There is no longer an on-arrival visa option for Oman.

Now, visitors from more than 70 nations can apply online for an Oman visit visa. 

The most popular visa is the Oman single-entry e-visa. You have a Single Entry and can stay in Oman for a maximum of 30 days. 

Yes, Oman is issuing visas.

Oman is renowned for its meteorites, dhows (traditional Arabian sailing ships), terraced orchards (Jebel Akhdar), adobe fortresses, numerous mosques, wadis (stream valleys), and the third-largest yacht in the world, Al Said, owned by the Sultan.


Indian applicants would need different documents depending on the type of Oman visa they are requesting. To apply for an Oman visa, all Indians must have the following documentation:

  • Filled-out Oman visa application
  • Indian passport with a minimum 6-month validity period from the arrival date
  • Recent passport size photo 

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