Dhow Cruise basically centers on popular dhow ships. They are an exciting form of experiencing a bit of Dubai’s old maritime culture. They basically blend elegant cabinet dinners and classical Arabic heritage.

If you are researching the destinations to view and things to do in Dubai for your approaching vacation in this Emirates city, you would have definitely come beyond a dhow cruise as a famous activity. The dhow cruise is open on the Dubai Marina and also on Dubai Creek.

An important part of Dubai’s lifeline was Dhow wooden boats created by the fishing societies by joining collectively boards of wood with coconut and palm leaves and utilized for diving and speculation motives. Dhow cruises have matured a hit between the visitors visiting Dubai in their modern form, as it ensures an existence steeped in the conventional methods and stylish luxury that the land of excellent has come to be known for.

We at Disha Global Tours offer you the best Dhow cruise packages. These packages are perfect for huge gatherings and families. In order to get the most immeasurable dhow cruise in Dubai, visitors should opt within the Dubai Creek and Marina. The marina has a more contemporary viewpoint and will be fascinating to sightseeing visitors. The Dubai creek exemplifies the Arabian purity of a former era.

There are plenty of options when it comes to enduring a Dhow cruise in Dubai. From essential events to tickets that comprise hotel transfers, 2-4 hour sightseeing activities, live entertainment, and dinner, these meticulously curated Dubai Dhow Cruise tickets are confirmed to ensure you acquire the experience you imagined. The conventional dhow idea is pretty vital for vacationing visitors. A dhow with generous windows will provide a captivating view of nighttime Dubai. In addition, there are popular dhows with open-air decks for an even more immeasurable view.

Difference between Dhow Cruise and Marina Dhow Cruise?

The Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise and Dubai Dhow Cruise may look similar at the initial glance. Both provide delicious buffet spread, including Emirati. Indian. The Mediterranean and another international cuisine. You would also acquire to listen to melodious Arabic music and watch the fabulous Tanoura dance performance. However, there are a few differences between them.

Dhow cruise is primarily open on Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek, two of the notable regions of the city. The Dubai creek refers to old Dubai, a destination where the Arabs lived when they shifted to the city from villages in the desert. The Dubai Creek separates the city into two sections and Deira (new Dubai) and Bur Dubai (Old Dubai). At the same time, Dubai Marina is the more modern variant of the new Dubai. It is an imitation channel city with penetrating appearances and excellent examples of contemporary design on both sides. It houses some of the most extravagant hotels, unique cafes and restaurants, and quaint boutiques.

Things to Know Before You Go for Dhow Cruise Dubai

  • There will be no alcohol, music, and belly dance, during the sacred month of Ramadan, as per the UAE law.
  • Pick-up amenities are just viable from hotels and not apartments; therefore, plan your vacation respectively.
  • For the dinner cruises, it is sufficient to be dressed casually. The environment is essentially informal, and therefore, smart casuals should be accurate.
  • Just as most of the cities, Dubai absolutely comes active when the lights are on, and buildings close to the Creek are so radiant that they will essentially match sunlight, adapting the night into day.
  • Dhow cruise ships usually take just a fixed amount of tourists. If you are part of a large group, then cross-check the number of individuals permitted on the Dhow cruise before booking.

Dhow Cruise Timings

If you are willing to go for to Dhow cruise just for sightseeing, you must go in the daytime or afternoon. Some people intend to view the architecture only, and they want to see the charm of the skyscrapers and other structural elements in broad daylight. To see the modern city and its wonderful architecture, you can also visit at night when all the buildings are light up, and the entire city is glimmering. At night, it would be more of captivating and serene views with a wonderful atmosphere. Most people prefer cruising at night as of its beauty of serenity and atmosphere.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Safety & Standards

  • It is desirable to book the dhow cruise online, to evade queues and physical contact.
  • Managing social distancing is immensely vital whether it is at the harbor when boarding the cruise or inside the dhow
  • Tourists and guides have to forcibly wear a face mask and make sure that the nose and mouth are perfectly covered throughout the cruise
  • The capacity of seating for guests on the cruise have been decreased to half the earlier approved numbers so there may be short seats accessible for bookings
  • The temperature of the team should also be monitored daily
  • Compulsory temperature tests and thermal screening for visitors upon entry is a must
  • Make sure you check the removal policy of your cruise before booking it to evade any payment associated issues
  • The vehicles utilized for transport also requires to be sanitized completely after use
  • Tourists must also ensure that they sanitize their hands daily, particularly before and after the trip
  • Ensure that hand sanitizers are located at critical points aboard the dhow for the use of visitors and workers.

How We Can Help You

A cruise abroad a dhow is undoubtedly the most perfect method to encounter the very essence and culture of Dubai. It permits you to unwind after an adventuresome day out and also find Dubai’s extraordinary views and sounds that will blow off your mind. With two precisely fabulous cruising locations such as Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina, we at Disha Global Tours try to offer the best cruising endurance that Dubai has to provide. After all, our cruising packages are a pleasant blend of excellent food, and unmatched atmosphere, and outstanding landscapes.

The Dhow Cruise is one of the unusual activities with a modernized twist, that can get you excited to observe them all when cruising on its main waters. So, drifting between the evenings or under the mysterious night heavens, the choice is all yours, however, a Dubai holiday would be inadequate externally a Dhow event. So book your dhow cruise tour with Disha Global Tours.