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Oman Visa Services

Everything You Need To Know About Oman Visa Services

Foreign nationals who wish to visit Oman for tourism require an Oman visa services. It is the finest choice for foreign tourists who are considering a quick trip to Oman. The Oman visa services has a 30-day validity period (entry must be made within one month of the date of issuing) and a 30-day maximum stay.

For stays of more than 14 days, most foreign visitors to Oman require a tourist visa. Only Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates are permitted to travel freely in Oman. Now, visitors from more than 70 nations can apply online for an Oman visit visa. The kind of Oman travel visa a traveler need is determined by their country of citizenship and itinerary.

What Is Oman Visa?

Before beginning your journey, you must have a visa if you intend to visit Oman. There are several nations that are exempt from adhering to this regulation. Additionally, several nations allow their nationals to obtain visas upon arrival. Countries such as New Zealand and a few more have an unlimited visa limit. You are allowed a one-month stay in Oman before you can extend your visa.

Visas for Oman fall into the following major categories: transit visas, student resident visas, family joining/resident visas, relative/friend visit visas, and employment visas. Additionally, they can be issued as multiple-entry, single-entry, or double-entry visas, enabling back-to-back trips into the nation.

General Requirements To Apply For Oman Visa Services 

The list below contains the Oman travel visa requirements. Be aware that depending on the duration and reason for your visit, as well as the category of your visa, different documents may be needed. Applications must be timely submitted to the diplomatic mission or designated visa application facilities, along with the required papers. The diplomatic mission maintains the right to request more paperwork.

  • A passport or other travel document that has two blank pages or more and is valid for at least six months and 90 days after the trip is over. A copy of the first page with personal information and, if applicable, previous visas.
  • Two recent biometric pictures, along with a completed and signed visa application form, are required.
  • Evidence of travel with validated roundtrip tickets.
  • Information about the passenger’s bank account demonstrates that he or she can afford to travel.
  • The applicant must not be a threat to the national economy, public safety, morals, or public health.
  • A certified document such as an employer letter, a student certificate, a registration document, or proof of pension funds may serve as proof of employment.
  • Details about accommodations might be found on an invitation letter or in the documentation of your hotel reservation.
  • Proof of travel health insurance that is valid both inside Oman’s borders and for the duration of the traveler’s stay.

Applying For A Visa For Oman 

The duration it takes to process a visa varies based on its nature. Expect the procedure to take a few days or up to 24 hours. Apply online at least four days before your travel to make sure your visa is approved before you check in for your flight.

It is a good idea to apply online for the appropriate sort of visa before your trip, even if you plan to drive to Oman from Dubai and enter through a land border. The possibility of applying for an Omani visa on arrival in hard copy form may be present at the border, although this procedure is being phased out, and wait times can reach several hours.

Is It Possible To Change The Oman Visa Services After It Has Been Processed?

No, modifications cannot be made after the visa has been completed, thus we advise that after you have filled out the form and uploaded the supporting documents, you double-check everything before making the payment. You won’t be allowed to apply for a new visa until the first one expires if there is a mistake.

How Much Does A Visa to Oman Cost?

Prices rely on the type of visa you select, the cost of 10 days Oman Visa is 350 AED and the cost of 30 days Oman Visa is 550 AED. We at Disha Global Tours provide fast and reliable Oman visa services. So, to get your Oman visa at a competitive cost contact us now.

Price: Starting from 350* AED

UAE Visa Service

10 Days Oman Visa


Price: Starting from 550* AED

UAE Visa Service

30 Days Oman Visa


Frequently Asked Questions on Oman Visa Services

Those who want to visit Oman for tourism require a visa. It is the ideal choice for foreign tourists who are considering a quick trip to Oman.

Yes, all citizens of India need a visa to enter Oman.

One month after its issuance, the Oman E-visa is still in effect.

The Sultanate of Oman Royal Police must be contacted directly to extend the visa once for a duration of one week.

Single entry is allowed into Oman with an Oman visa.

Under circumstances the total visa fee for an Oman visa from Dubai is non-refundable. 

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