Formed to change our understanding of the future as we know it. There has never been a museum like the Museum of the Future Dubai. Evolve an enthusiastic player in a multi-sensory find as science, technology, and spirituality combine to give a glance at the future we can just imagine. Sheltered in a brand new architectural iconic unit in a differentially impressive, circular, three-dimensional piece of script, the interactive museum is one of the predicted appeal openings in current times.

Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future Design and Architecture 

Formed as an asymmetric cone constructed from steel and glass, the Museum of the Future Dubai has been hailed as one of the most elegant museums across the globe. This is a credit to the architect, who was eager to form this formation to describe the concept of the future of Dubai.

The museum’s hitting exteriors are further enhanced by its creative utilization of Arabic calligraphy, which operates as glass windows as well. Formed by Emirati artists, they show lines of passionate poetry by H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Of the 3 quotes surrounding the building.

What to Expect at the Museum of the Future 

This amazing assignment gives a captivating view into what the future possesses for generations to come. A visual marvel and a trailblazer in cases of advanced technology, it is ranked already as one of the most stunning museums across the globe.

The revolutionary museum targets to explore the future of artificial intelligence and other inventive technologies. Besides standing an amazing tourist appeal, the museum even gives a platform for modern courses, science conferences, specialized workshops, and demonstrations of current creations.

As per the website of the museum, the feature merges presentations, themed appeals, and a huge theatre that would host different screenings and public shows. The museum includes 7 floors, over the three-story podium, and a food and beverages deck. Level 7 is the Events Hall, with great 6 labeled as private, suggesting that this is highly available for VIPs. The five surviving grades are where the future truly does arrive to life for travelers because they are immersed in a trip of creativity throughout a 2 -3 hours trip. They are attended on that trip by a guide and even their virtual formation guide.

Children that are comes to the age of 3 years, people with persistence, and citizens of the Emirate are free of charge. The official website sells tickets for AED 145.

Frequently Asked Questions on Museum of The Future

Is the Museum of the Future open?

Yes, the Museum of the Future is open on regular basis from 23 February 2022.

Is the Museum of the Future worth visiting?

Completely worth visiting and spending many hours on. You can experience so many things inside the museum. Each floor provides a different story of the future.

Is the Museum of the Future Real?

Yes, definitely it is real. The museum is formed by the Dubai Future Foundation.

What is Special about the Museum of the Future?

A very specific point in the Museum of the Future is that the museum explores how society can develop in the coming decades by utilizing science and technology.

How much is the Entrance fee for the Museum of the Future?

The Museum of the Future entrance fee is Dh 145 per person, and kids under 3 get in for free. Emirati citizens over the age of 60, people of determination, and one accompanying caregiver would also get in for free.

How long does it take to Tour the Museum of the Future?

This takes around 2 to 3 hours to explore the museum. Visitors can stay as long as they like.

What is Inside the Museum of Future?

Using a range of virtual and augmented reality, huge data research, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interaction installation and displays, the museum takes the visitors on a voyage into the future through the structure of five chapters.

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