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Top Attractions To Visit During Dubai Expo 2020

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The magnificent city of Dubai is all set to host the world at this year’s Expo 2020. An industrial Expo is a platform for participating nations to represent their industrial, technological, and scientific achievements to the globe. The much-awaited Dubai Expo 2020 is a year away. This World Expo is initially scheduled for October 20, 2020, to April 10, 2021. But because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the new dates are October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, and the preps for this World Expo are in full swing. There are various top attractions to visit during Expo 2020, so get ready to enjoy the amazing places in Dubai Expo 2020

The history of the World Expo has been fabulous. Expos have been some of the world’s most brilliant inventions made by stalwarts of their time. The first international Expo was held in the year 1851 in London. Expo 2020 Dubai is an opportunity to say hello to the world’s newest country. Dubai Expo 2020 will bring tourists and exhibitors collectively from 190 countries, catering to attractions for all age groups and backgrounds. This World Expo is presenting thrilling and exciting new encounters.

Here Is The List Of Top Attraction To Visit During Dubai Expo 2020

1. Al Wasl Plaza, Dubai

Al Wasl Plaza, Dubai

Al Wasl is another amazing place to visit during the Dubai Expo 2020. It is crowned as the showstopper at Dubai Expo 2020. Al Wasl Plaza stands for Connection and therefore is the center of attraction for the Expo. Al Wasl Plaza is representing the idea of the expo “Connecting minds, creating the future”. It promises to leave the world awe-struck. Preeminent events such as opening and closing ceremonies will be held here. The pattern of the dome is invigorated by the logo of the Dubai Expo 2020. This crowd-attracting plaza will have a 360-degree projection screen on the dome which will allow people to view from inside and outside.

2. Jewel Of Creek

Jewel Of Creek

Jewel of the creek is one of the fabulous places to visit during Dubai Expo 2020. It is set to finish in 2019; this project includes 19-storey apartment buildings, a huge waterfront complex, and three office towers. Along with this, it has a recreation center, two luxury hotels, a convention center a ballroom, a marina, and open spaces for restaurants and shops. This project is nestled amid Al Maktoum Bridge, Baniyas Road, and the Floating Bridge will be spread over the area of 123, 955 square meters.

3. Deira Islands

Deira Islands

Deira Islands is also one of the best places to explore throughout the Dubai Expo 2020. It will provide the way for the number of serviced apartments, new hotels, mixed-use buildings, and marinas. The Deira Island will spread up to 15.3 square km at the waterfront city, emphasizing four islands. The project will be an attraction for tourism because it will comprise an Arabic souk-style night market, a massive shopping mall, and an amphitheater that can accommodate 30,000 people.

4. Museum Of The Future

Museum Of The Future

The Museum of the Future is an amazing place to visit during the Dubai Expo 2020. It is nestled next to the Emirates tower and will focus on future technological innovations. This museum complex will host mesmerizing theatre and expositions. This museum is being set up on over five years of immersive exhibitions that were set up for the World Government Summit held every year in Dubai. In this museum, visitors will be taken on a journey beyond imagination.

5. Aladin City

Aladin City

This city will be invigorated by the story of Aladin and will have magic lamp shaped structures that will be linked. The name sends you to the fantabulous world of fairytales. Aladdin City will offer life to the same. The complete theme of the city is based on Aladdin and Sinbad. This project will be nestled close to the Burj Khalifa and is estimated to be a global historical pride for generations to come. This three-tower project is expected to have offices and hotels with a parking space of over 900 cars.

6. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

Dubai frame is also one of the best places to explore throughout Dubai Expo 2020. The Dubai Frame was designed not as a building but to frame the beauty of Dubai’s past, present, and future architectural designs in the world’s largest frame. This 150.24 meters big and 95.53-meter broad frame’s honeycomb patterns complement the Dubai Expo 2020. Dubai frame is designed in such a manner that from one side you can see Dubai’s modern iconic landmarks on the other hand you can see older parts of Dubai. 

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