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Top Luxury Hotels in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the world’s renowned tourist destinations. Its amazing infrastructure attracts many tourists from across the world. Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is famous for many things. There are plenty of things to do and see in Dubai. Dubai is well known for its fascinating mix of beaches, deserts, and fabulous human-made feats, the Arabic culture of Dubai is a major attraction. It is known as one of the most lavish and fashionable cities in the UAE because of its stunning work. When you visit Dubai, you must stay at luxury hotels in Dubai.

List of Top Luxury Hotels In Dubai

1. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Luxury Hotel In Dubai

Burj Al Arab is one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in Dubai. This luxury hotel is the seventh tallest hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab hotel is made on an artificial island and connected to the mainland by a private bridge. This hotel is the grand achievement of modern architecture and has a sail-like structure that lit up in many different colors at night. The height of this hotel is 1,053 feet, and the interior is luxurious and lavish. Stairways in this hotel are made of gold and marble, and beds are arranged on a rotating platform from where you can see the 360-degree view of Dubai city.

2. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel In Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a luxury five-star hotel in Dubai located near to the Burj Al Arab. It will take only 10 minutes to reach from the Madinat Jumeirah’s most popular and immoderate shopping centers to Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This one of the renowned hotels is founded in 1997, designed in the shape of breaking waves and has 26 storey resort. There are six on-site swimming pools and 21 restaurants in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Every room of this luxurious hotel has a view of Burj Al Arab and sea.

3. Raffles Dubai

Raffles best Hotel In Dubai

Raffles Dubai, the luxury hotel, is situated in OudMetha. This hotel is very close to the popular attraction Creekside Park and the airport, which is only 15 min away from the hotel. The great hotel Raffles Dubai has inspired by the Egyptian and shaped like the pyramid. The interior of this hotel is lavishing and amazing. Raffles Dubai offers many different kinds of rooms with luxurious facilities. Hotel Raffles have a lot of handcrafted details like shutters of bathrooms and mashrabiya technique on doors.

4. Armani Hotel Dubai

Armani Luxury Hotels at Dubai

Armani Hotel is the world’s most popular luxury hotel in Dubai made in the name of a famous fashion designer. This hotel is located in the Burj Khalifa, the cultural heart of Dubai. This luxurious hotel covers the many floors of the iconic building and is connected to the Dubai Mall. Armani Hotel has a view of the Dubai Opera House, Dubai Fountain, and Souk Al Bahar. Giorgio Armani himself designed this hotel. The interior of the Armani Hotel is fabulous, including many facilities such as a luxury spa, arrow-shaped pool, soothing ongoing music, and a sun trap terrace.

5. Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis Luxury Hotel Dubai

Atlantis, a luxurious hotel is located in the center of Palm Dubai. This hotel is designed with the theme of a famous lost underwater city, and the color palette of the hotel consists of sea greens and cool blues. The interior of this hotel is unique with shell-patterned carpets, fish-shaped doorknobs, and lights that look like oysters and clams, and provide luxurious and fantastic facilities. At Atlantis, the guests enjoy the landscape view of the azure water of the Arabian Sea.

6. The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Dubai

The Ritz- Carlton is one of the multinational luxury hotels. This hotel is located in the financial district of Dubai and near the Gate Village. The interior of Ritz- Carlton is amazing with nice restaurants and modern art galleries. The courtyard of this hotel includes the fountain and waterfalls along with lush greenery. The Ritz- Carlton has 32,000 sq feet of event area, which includes the restaurants, beaches, and private gardens and 2625 sq feet of the ballroom for celebrations, weddings, and meetings.

7. Palazzo Versace Dubai

Palazzo Versace expensive Hotel In Dubai

Palazzo Versace hotel is one of the fabulous and luxurious hotels in Dubai. This hotel is located close to the Cultural Village of Dubai. Hotel Palazzo Versace is designed as the 16th-century Italian Palaces. The interior of the hotel is more captivating with countertops and marble floors, gilded columns, and Czech chandeliers. The rooms of this hotel come in four color palettes, such as beige, turquoise, blue, and salmon.

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