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Does UAE Visa Cancellation Affect Health Insurance?

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If your UAE visa is going to be canceled shortly but you have health insurance coverage after the cancellation of your visa while you are still in the UAE. If you are wondering Does UAE visa cancellation affects health insurance or also like to know if you have to apply for a new health insurance policy after getting the new visa or if you can continue with the current health insurance coverage.

The rules connecting to medical insurance needs depend on the emirates. Medical insurance is only compulsory for Abu Dhabi and Dubai visa holders. As per the department’s published guidance when the visa is canceled, transferred or the member exits the country, the health coverage policy will be canceled respectively. It’s a standard practice that employment-connected medical insurance is canceled at the same time as the cancellation of a visa.

The extent of health insurance for employers and their dependents is determined by the employee’s salary, designation, etc. The extent of coverage and type of policy/scheme would decide the cost of your medical services. In the emirate of Abu Dhabi, employers and sponsors are liable for extending health insurance coverage for their employees and their families. And the emirates of Dubai, companies are obliged to extend health insurance coverage for their workers. Sponsors are necessitated to obtain insurance cover for their resident dependents.

For employees on a Dubai visa, the company must offer medical insurance in accordance with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) practices. The Dubai Health Authority issues regular guidance and updates and employers are expected to keep up to date with any changes as should insurance companies and brokers. On a Dubai visa, the rules are slightly unique for employees, stipulating that cover must continue for 30 days after visa cancellation and only for fewer days of the plan renewal falls inside this period.

According to the United Arab Emirate’s visa application process, if you are sponsoring your family members-referred to as dependents-their visa required to be canceled before your visa is canceled. Hitesh Motwani, who is the Chief Marketing Officer of a UAE-based insurance provider explained that varying on whether the insurance policy was provided by the spouse’s employer, the policy may stay valid or get canceled.

Suppose the husband’s previous employer was the one providing health insurance for the spouse, then that will automatically be canceled. Although, they will be eligible for 30 additional days of cover which is given as the grace period after cancellation. Although if the husband has chosen for a separate, individual cover for his wife, then her cover would not be impacted if they are just going through the procedure of a change of visa.

There are several people who may be on their spouse’s visa, however, be employed at a UAE-based company. If the dependent’s employer is offering health insurance cover, it would stay unaffected by the change in the sponsor’s visa. If the wife has an existing policy from her own employer- suppose she is already employed- this should not affect her health insurance policy because this is provided by her employer. Although it is recommended for all to make sure they check this with their broker or insurer.

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