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Visit Visa for Dubai, UAE

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The Dubai Emirate has become a renowned tourist spot throughout the UAE because of its rich culture and glamorous city lifestyles. Last year itself, the emirate welcomed millions of international guests. To visit this emirate, you have to get a visit visa in UAE. A visit visa must be acquired in case the individual visits the emirate for relaxed activities.

In case you’re already thinking about visiting the United Arab Emirates but are not sure about how and where to begin the visit visa application in UAE would be, keep about this post and understand all the essential details you can require on everything about the visit visa.

What is a Visit Visa?

People who are keen to live in Dubai for over 14 days either for professional or for the trip can make an application for a UAE visa. A visit visa in the Dubai Emirate can be acquired for 30 days or 60 days and this can be changed to a residence or employment visa. Other than the visa cost a deposit is also needed from the local sponsor, any tenant, or relative, which is refunded once the traveler successfully leaves the nation in terms of visiting the country. You require to think about your nationality, the objective of the visit, and the tenure of the visit while making an application for a visit visa. UAE visit visa cannot be renewed.

What are the Different Types of Visit visas?

60 days visit visa – 60 days visit visa to UAE has a legality of 58 days from the issuance date, and this permits you to visit the country for a maximum of days from the entrance date.

Single entry long-term visa – The validity of this Dubai visa is additionally 58 days and it lasts 60 days from the entrance date.

e-Visa – Dubai travelers are able to apply for an e-visa on its permission is going to be sent to the registered email of the applicant. UAE citizens, migrant tenants in the country, GCC citizens residing within the UAE, and guests would all apply for e-visa for their friends, family, themselves, and staff.

Multi-entry long-term visa – This visa has validity for 58 days from the issuance date and is limited to 60 days from the entry date.

Multi-entry short-term visa – The legality of this visa is 58 days and permits a stay of 30 days from the entrance date.

30 days visa – For the GCC tenants, such a visa has legality for 60 days from the issuance date and hence it is legal for 30 days from the entry date with the exception to enhance it for another 30 days.

Here Know the Procedure to Apply for UAE Visit Visa

Find out what kind of visa you need
There are 3 kinds of visas to select from tourist, transit, and visit visas.
Visit visa – sponsored by friends or relatives living in the country. Obtainable for 30 or 60 days.

Tourist visa – Tourists can live in the country for 30 days, under sponsorship from the UJAE hotels, airlines, and travel agencies.

Transit visa – This visa has a validity of 96 hours for 14 days from the issuance date provides that you have a legal passport and a confirmed booking to your third spot, or must leave the country within 96 hours of arrival or 14 days after the visa is granted, or have a confirmed hotel reservation in the country.

Prepare the Requirements Documents for Your Visa

In making an application for a UAE visa, there are not so many documents required. Although, you require to give some documents while filling out the application form for a visa. Make sure that the documents you have prepared are legal and original. If you have any confusion related to documents you can get the help of the professionals like Disha Global Tours.

Submit Your Application Online

After you have collected all the essential documents, you can process filling out the application form for a Dubai visa. The procedure of the visa application includes some easy moves that can be smoothly done.

Additional Tips for Applying for a UAE Visa

Double Check All Your Needs

This would not hurt to check your needs many times prior to sending them in. Once your application is with your sponsor, this would be tough to alter any details and add to your papers.

Do Extra Research

Ensure you undertake as many hotels and agencies, and compare the costs to bring the band for your buck.

Comprise as many supporting documents as possible

Once you send in all your papers to your nearest consulate or embassy, they are at the cost of the remaining procedure. That stated, prior to changes in your needs, do your part and look into the probable documents that you can require and comprise those also.

Documents Requirements for a UAE Visit Visa

Here is a list of vital documents that you have to prepare for making an application for a Dubai visit visa.

• Scanned copy of passport bio and last page.

• A passport is legal for more than six months from the date of purposeful travel.

• Ensure that your visitor’s signature is indicated at the back.

• Scanned colored ID photo

• Colored photographs

• Indicate the name at the back then scan also.

• Complied application form.

• Covering letter defining the objective and time of the visit.

• Original confirmed return ticket.