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Visa Process In The UAE After COVID-19

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country where everyone wants to visit and spend their holidays. Every year the huge number of visitors visit UAE from across the world. But in order to enter in UAE, an official document is needed to know as visa, which is stamped to the user’s passport. When it comes to UAE, there are numerous types of visas. Before you travel to the UAE, check your visa needs and make sure you have a valid visa if required, or if your passport requires to be valid for a minimum period. Unless you are a resident of a visa-excluded country, you require to get a visa for UAE before your travel. The government of UAE announces some changes in the Visa process in the UAE after COVID-19.

Because of some travel restrictions imposed after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the government of UAE announced the new visa renewal service. In the inside country visa service, the visitors are permitted to renew or extend their visa validity without exiting the country. This visa status change service is the best visa change option for those individuals who stuck in the country.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship stated the visa process in the UAE after COVID-19 that the grace period of 1 month permitting holders of UAE tourist/visit visa that expired after March 1 to leave the UAE within 1 month from July 11 i.e., August 11- is sustainable or renewable for another month upon request. If your visa has expired on or after March 1 you have to either change the status of your visa or leave the UAE.

If you are inside the United Arab Emirates(UAE) on any of the types of visas such as transit, visit, and tourist visa and the validity of your visa has expired before March 1 should exit the country without paying any overstay penalty. To get your fingerprints done, you require to visit Al Qusis Police Station before the date of your departure. If you want to change the status of your visa, then overstay penalty will be applicable.

Suppose you were not able to leave the country before the travel restrictions were implemented. You would be needed to change your visa status and apply for a new visit or tourist visa. As of now, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship is nit issuing ant visit or tourist visas for the UAE. According to the UAE government portal, the Issuance of tourists and visit visas will be regarded at a later phase varying on the COVID -19 conditions at the local and global levels.

Visitors who visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on or after July 7 can apply for their visas, and the visitors are needed to carry these essential documents with them:

  • Health Declaration Form:- The health declaration form required to be downloaded, printed, and completely filled with block capital letters, signed and handed over to when requested on arrival at Dubai International Airport.
  • Quarantine Undertaking Form:- The quarantine undertaking form needed to be downloaded, printed, and completely filled with block capital letters and signed.
  • And the Copy of PCR test issued 96 HRS before the date of departure
  • Health insurance, valid for the period of the visa validity in greatly recommended to cover any testing, quarantine, and medical cost.
  • This new visa process in the UAE after COVID-19 effective from July 11, 2020, the UAE Cabinet approved several modifications to rules for visas and Emirates IDs that have been made throughout the peak of Covid-19.

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