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People of the present generation are tossed into the world to follow a systematic set of rules – go to school, study well, get a job, and eventually get used to this life. Society has become lifeless without having any extraordinary moments in their life. People need a fresh lease of life and traveling is one of the aspects where they can attain it.

“See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream.”

Ray Bradbury

There are many tourist spots in the world where everyone should travel at least once in their life. I would personally handpick Dubai as the best tourist place in the world. Dubai is not a tourist location for travelers with a tight budget but Dubai offers so much more than our vivid imaginations could think of.

Everyone has a busy life so everyone can’t plan for a long vacation in Dubai. But the main highlights of Dubai can be experienced in just two days with some guidelines.

To start with, the best time to visit Dubai is between November to February. The travel during those months would cost more as it’s winter season in Dubai. The summer plan will cost less and make sure to carry sunscreen.  The first thing to do is take note of all the tourist attractions in Dubai and narrow down the list with their preferences taken into account. Plan the vacation at least six months in advance and book the hotels and flights accordingly. Dress modestly and always ask permission before taking pictures. PDA is strictly prohibited in Dubai and many visitors are imprisoned for showing signs of PDA. Just to be on the safer side, refrain from even holding hands in public.

The first day of travel can be focused on the cultural and ancient side of Old Dubai. The worthy attractions are Desert Adventure, Jumeirah Mosque Visit, Al Fahidi Museum, Tour of the Souks, Ride an Abra (a traditional wooden boat), and finally ending with Desert Safari in Dubai and Dinner. At midnight, Al Rigga Street is a great place to go for some shawarma and Arabic Tea.

The Second Day of the travel can be focused on the posh and luxurious life of New Dubai. Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall Shopping, Emirates Mall, Indoor Ski, Burj Al Arab Beach, and Dubai Mall Water Fountain Show are the main attractions that can be covered in a day. If there is excess time, head to Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina to take a relaxed stroll and experience great architecture. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is worth watching if the trip is planned for another half day.

The above-mentioned activities are great when you are spending less money on staying and focusing more on enjoying the vibrant city of Dubai. There are many more attractions in Dubai that require a longer vacation and big cash to burn.