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Reasons For Dubai Visa Rejection

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Every year, millions of people come to Dubai, from around the globe to visit, enjoy, or to stay here as a tourist. The number of applications received each year by the authorities of UAE is subjected to phenomenal. But sometimes, due to some mistakes, the visa application process gets delayed, which results in the rejection of a Dubai visa. While it is a seamless process, there are times when the traveler can face visa rejection. So, you must keep in mind some points before applying for a visa to Dubai.

Why Your Dubai Visa Can Be Rejected?

If you know everything about the visa application process, but still there are sometimes when an individual forgets a point. In that case, it becomes a reason for your visa to get delayed or even rejected in the worst scenarios.

Let us have a look at some of the most common reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection:

1. Incomplete Application

As it takes about 3 to 4 working days for visa processing as entry into UAE is subjected to immigration approval. Incomplete or false information in the application, less passport validity, etc. can likely increase the chances of Dubai visa rejection reason.

2. Overstay On Your Last Visa

Many times, people visit the UAE for leisure or to meet their relatives & family but continue to stay after their visa has been expired; it becomes the case of fines & consequences. If you have overstayed your previous visa, then there is a chance that your visa to Dubai might get rejected or even delayed. If the traveler is unable to pay the fee of overstaying, then there could be happen anything like:

His name will be blacklisted.

He will be debarred from further traveling to the country (face an immigration ban).

He can also go to jail for up to 3 months or maybe issued a deportation order.

3. Blurred Photographs or Incorrect Passport Copy

This is one of the most common reasons for the rejection of your Dubai visa. At the time of online submission of your visa application, if you have submitted a blur scanned copy of your passport, then the application process might get rejected. Make sure that the scanned copy of the passport is legible and clear without any blurred lines.

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4. Previous Criminal Records

If a person has a past criminal record or a case against misconduct in UAE, then this will become the topmost Dubai visa rejection reason. Visa applicants with previous criminal records in the country will be rejected automatically. Such travelers are blacklisted & immediately debarred from entering to UAE as it is one of those strict countries that doesn’t allow anyone with illegal or fraud backgrounds to enter the country.

5. Alone Woman Traveler

Females below the age of 25 & who are traveling alone without relatives, or her parents is most likely to be the reason for the rejection of a visa. In this case, either a Dubai visa can get rejected or else the approval process may be delayed for some time.

6. Handwritten Passports

The genuineness of your passport is the most important thing that one must be aware of while applying for a Dubai visa. Handwritten copies of passports by the national residents of Pakistan, Bangladesh & other Asian countries will automatically be get rejected by the UAE immigration center.

7. Similar Identity 

Suppose if there are more than two persons having similar names, DOB, etc. are more likely to face delay in getting a visa approved. In some conditions, it may also get rejected as there is nothing to do in this case.

8. Errors In The Visa Application

In case, if there is any typing error in your visa application like passport no., expiry date, DOB, Name, profession code, or any other, then it is most likely that your visa can be rejected. So, while filling up your visa application, stay careful while avoiding any errors. The chances of getting a quick Dubai visa without rejection will increase if we pay attention to each n every detail.

9. Unskilled Profession

If you’re one of that unskilled professions like a farmer, laborer, carpenter, blacksmith, cobbler, barber, or any other whose profession is unskilled, then your visa will be rejected significantly. It is mandatory to mention your profession in the Dubai visa application form failing due to which your visa will mostly get rejected.

10. Old Passport

If the applicant has submitted his passport, which is valid for less than six months, then his/ her application might get delayed or rejected.

Or if the applicant has previously applied for a Dubai tourist visa but was unable to travel there for whatever may be the reason, then your current visa application will be rejected until your previous active visa is canceled. Always keep in mind to cancel out your old visa before applying for a new one.

Before summing up, these are some of the most common reasons for Dubai visa rejection. If we remain a bit careful with the visa procedures and guidelines, then many of these mistakes can be avoided. If you are not confident, choose the right agent to get your visa application process done in time while avoiding such type of errors.

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