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OTB (OK to Board) for Travelling Dubai

OTB (OK to Board) for Travelling Dubai

Are you Glad to know that Disha Global Tours will provide you Dubai Visa along with cost-effective services like OK to Board ?

What is an OK to Board?

Residents of India and Pakistan need something other than just a visa before travelling to UAE and it’s various cities like Dubai, Sharjah, & Abu Dhabi,. That’s what is called OK to Board.

It is an airline requirement without which the travelers won’t be permitted to get a trip onto the flight to the above mentioned destinations.

For travelers which require OTB to board the Dubai Flight, there are numerous questions, inquiries and misguided judgments about OTB. So, here we’ve noted down all the important data about OK to Board to give a total learning on this topic.

If you are thinking to travel the country, an OTB (OK to Board) is required for ECR passport holders of India and Pakistan.

You need to send your visa copy to the airline you have booked your flight ticket with, after getting a valid visa to the UAE. The airline endorses your ticket and denotes your flight PNR as OK to Board after rechecking your visa.

Thus, dishaglobaltours strongly recommends every individual traveling to the UAE to check their OK to Board status with the respective airline at least 48 hours before flight.

Residents of which countries require (OTB)?

Other than from UAE, there are some additional gulf countries including Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Cyprus, Jordan & Kuwait that also require OK to board message from the airlines while traveling to UAE with a paper visa.

Documents required

  • Scanned copy of first & last page of passport.
  • Copy of Visa
  • Onward & return confirmed tickets.
  • Pan card copy of applicants

Which airlines require OTB?

Every airline requires an OTB. Some top airlines that provide it for free are: Saudi Airlines, Spice Jet, Fly Dubai, and Etihad Airways. Some Indian carriers like Air India, Indigo & Spice Jet additionally charge a minimum fee for this service.

  • Air India Express; if you are holding ECR (Emigration Check Required) passport or international ID.
  • Jet Airways; if you are travelling from Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut.
  • Sri Lankan Air
  • Emirates
  • Air Arabia
  • Gulf Air
  • Oman Air; OTB is applicable in all cases.
  • Qatar Airways
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Hahn Air

NOTE: There are exclusions available for few airlines, air terminals and for those travelers holding an ECNR ((Emigration Check Not Required) passport, or an international ID.

What is Ok to board for Dubai?

NOTE: One can’t board a flight if his/ her PNR does not reflect OK to Board & the airline is liable to restrict them from getting onboard.

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