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The Majestic And The Iconic Dubai Frame – Visit Dubai

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Popular as the world’s very charming skyline, or as the hub of modern art and architecture or its high cultural history, thrilling adventures, and whizzing nightlife, the Dubai Emirate is one of the smartest and most picturesque tourist spots throughout the globe. So, if you want a magical trip then make a plan to visit Dubai, take a Dubai visa, and make a trip to Dubai Frame. You can connect with the travel agency to get the right visa for your trip. Below is a complete guide about the Dubai frame, let’s take a look.

Dubai Frame Height

Dubai Frame is an adorable appeal in the emirate that stands 150 meters high and 93 meters wide. This height of the frame makes it one of the most scenic spots in the emirate with wonderful sights of old and new Dubai.

Bragging 15,000 square meters of gold covering that incorporates the ring layout utilized in the Expo 2020 Dubai logo, this is the largest picture frame on the planet and possesses the record for the world’s biggest frame. The Dubai Frame greeted more than 1 million travelers within the first year of its introduction.

The recognizable frame in the emirate was formed by Fernando Donis who had presented the layout for the ThyssenKrupp Elevator International Award and was the champion among the 926 recommendations in the contest.

The Dubai Frame: What to Expect

While going to the Dubai Frame, you would experience a sense of time travel. The frame takes you on a trip to 3-time eras in the United Arab Emirates – the past, present, and future.

• The Past – Old Dubai Gallery

Your journey would start on the second floor where you would stand taken on a trip to the multimedia fair that facilitates 3D projections and amazing effects to give you a multi-sensory experience of Old Dubai. You would get to watch all the components of the Emirati conventions and origin and how the city has swiftly changed from a modest fishing village to one of the very deluxe and urban spots across the globe.

• Present Dubai – Unobstructed Sights of Old and New Dubai

After you make a trip to Old Dubai, you would ascend the express lift, which would take just 47 seconds to catch the sky deck, which shows Present Dubai. Here you would get to participate in a 360-degree panoramic scene of, Old Dubai where you can watch all the residential spots in Old Dubai.

You also can watch the side of New Dubai which facilitates views of the high skyscrapers of the remarkable Burj Khalifa Downtown and the apartments in Business Bay. You can also walk over the popular transparent glass floor. At this phase, there are several interacting screens that you can utilize to identify the buildings that can stand witnessed from the sky deck.

• The Future Dubai Gallery

Once you accomplish your trip to the Sky deck, you would stand taken return to the second floor where you would find to move via a tunnel, which utilizes specific lights and sound effects to give an amazing experience of how the emirate would look 50 years from now.

With glowing, dazzling colors and communicative projections, you would feel like you’re in an actual time vortex, experiencing a ride through time to Dubai’s future. Once you have done the three stages, you would refer to the memento shop, where you buy a memento.

General Information – Tickets and Timing for Dubai Frame

• Dubai Frame Timings

The functional hours for the frame are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day. The perfect time to make a trip to the Dubai Frame is throughout daylight so you find the clear witch the magnificence of the emirate. In case you visit in the evening time, visit at the moment of sunset as you can find a few stunning sights of the sunset from the 360-degree statement deck.

This is open all year round, comprising weekends and public holidays, which makes it the perfect spot to go to Dubai throughout any holiday. However, the Dubai Frame opening hours are reasonably consistent, this is the finest to check in case they alter the timing throughout Ramadan prior to making a visit.


• The ticket costs for Dubai Frame are AED 50 for younger and AED 20 for kids.
• The ticket cost also provides you entry to Zabeel Park for free.

If you want to make a visit to Dubai Frame then connect with any reliable travel agency and get a UAE visa easily and efficiently. So, do not think twice, plan a trip and experience the Dubai Frame.