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How to Open a Travel Agency on the UAE Mainland in Six Easy Steps

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The UAE witnesses millions of overnight stay tourists. Keeping an increasing market and a robust foundation of tourism, it is not surprising, that business people are enticed to the UAE to take advantage of its rapidly expanding tourism industry. Maybe you are also thinking about forming a travel agency in Dubai. Here know how you can begin the formation of your travel agency and how you can benefit from the mainland business climate.

Tourism in Dubai and the UAE is a part of the government’s procedures to sustain the flow of overseas cash into the Emirates. The Dubai Emirate allure for tourists is majorly dependent on shopping, but also on its control of other antique and advanced appeals.

The emirate for ranked as the world’s most visited emirate by global tourists that have visited the emirate as per the currently related list. Travel businesses can be initiated for a number of reasons in Dubai and the UAE. Enjoy your travel business in this prosperous country with the below-mentioned vital steps.

Here Are The Steps To Start A Travel Agency In Dubai

Establish Your Business Activity 

You will need to determine precisely what kind of travel agency you wish to run; would you operate as a travel agency, an inbound operator, or an outbound operator? There is a lot of activity to select from throughout all the various markets you can give.

Choose a Company Name 

Do not get very connected with any names prior to understanding the rules; terms like international, and global are acceptable but can incur an additional cost, and many limitations apply. The Economic Department of the chosen emirate will not grant a business license in case your business name is remotely the same as another corporation running in a similar industry, so this is vital to look for suggestions on what is approvable.

The results of going through this alone can be time-consuming; the Economic Department would not issue a business license in case your business name comes foul of the rules, and you can stand a penalty for misusing a name the Economic Department has permitted but subsequently fails to show your major activity.

Apply for a Business License 

In Dubai, business licenses are granted by the Economic Department. All corporations, however of the sector, are required to hold a business license. The application generally needs your memorandum of association, based on the legal form of your business, incorporation certificate, and passport copies of shareholders.

Some sectors require extra licenses from the concerned granted authorities, and in terms of travel agencies in Dubai, this is the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

Apply for Tourism License 

Your next move is to make an application to the DTCM for one of the licenses – inbound operator, outbound operator, and travel agent for a Dubai visa. You will require a synopsis of your business scheme, a clear crime statement, and, in the case beginning the travel agency, an NOC from the Civil Aviation Authority in case you plan to sell airline tickets.

Set up Employee Visas 

Make sure to make an application within 20 days of a worker’s entry into the nation, at which point they would have got a tourist Dubai visa or visit visa. Just register on the Ministry of Interior’s online site for employees’ entry permits. Once granted, workers can work as an “In-country status change” to start that entry pass, a vital move to getting a complete occupation visa.

You will have your business license, establishment card, and passport copies – in order to file your corporation with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Note, this is also your obligation to acquire OK to board permission before inbound travel for workers.

Open a Corporate Bank Account 

No bank would recognize your business without a business license, so choose your bank carefully; a bad choice could cost you. Most would need a constant lowest balance, arraying from AED 1m right down to AED 5,000. Moreover, a few require residency proof for at least one stakeholder whilst others do not.