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How do I apply for Dubai Work Visa from India?

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Dubai has always been a popular destination for Indians as it is one of the most developed cities in the world. It has some of the best facilities found in any other place in the world. Since Dubai is one of the top destinations for expats, many companies are looking to hire Indian professionals. Hence, many job opportunities are available here for Indians who want to work Visa in Dubai. However, before you get too excited about all these opportunities, you must keep in mind specific rules and regulations that you must follow while working as an expat or a foreign national. These rules are applicable while applying for a Dubai Visa and while doing business and living here permanently.

What is a Dubai work visa?

A Dubai work permit is a visa that allows expats to work in the UAE. It is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) and can be obtained by expats offered a job by an employer in Dubai. The type of visa you will receive depends on your nationality and whether you are applying for paid employment or self-employment. A Dubai Visa is a temporary residence permit that allows you to work in Dubai legally.

Documents are needed for getting a work permit in Dubai:

• Entry Permit
• Valid Passport
• Valid health certificate
• Visa application form
• Copies of the employment contract
• Professional qualification certificates
• Passport size photograph

How to get a Dubai Work Visa?

• Applying in Dubai on your Dubai Visit Visa

Applying for a Dubai Visa in your home country is the most common way to get a working permit in Dubai. The process can be confusing, but many agents can help you with the paperwork and application. The advantage of applying at home is that you will be able to gather all of the required documents before you leave to submit them together when you arrive at the immigration office or airport. This will save you time and make it easier for immigration officials to process the application. However, it is essential to note that certain documents are required for this type of visa application that may not be available in every country.

Here are the steps to get the Dubai Visa:

The first step toward getting a Dubai Visa is to find out about the job postings available in Dubai. You can search for jobs or visit the company websites to find the vacancies.

Once you have found a suitable job opening, it’s time to figure out if you qualify for the position and whether you have the right qualifications and experience required by the employer.

You can either apply directly at the company or use an employment agency to help with your job application process.

Once you have found a job opening and applied for it, you will have to attend telephonic / skype interviews before being selected by your employer and offered a job contract in Dubai (UAE). If selected, your employer will process your visa on your behalf, after which you can migrate to Dubai (UAE) for work.

• Applying in Dubai on your Dubai Visit Visa

This is the easiest method to get a job in Dubai, and it is also the best way to get an expat visa if you are already in Dubai on holiday or business visit. You need to show that you have a confirmed job offer from an employer in Dubai and then apply for your work visa at the immigration office. If they accept your application, they will give you a letter of approval that allows you to stay in the UAE until your visa is approved. This process can take anywhere between one day and one week, depending on how busy they are at submission.

What is the Dubai Work Visa price?

You should be aware that although your employer pays for your work visa, they cannot deduct these costs from your salary or pay them back in cash. The Dubai Work Permit fee is paid by your employer and must be paid before you can start working in Dubai.

How long is the Dubai Work Visa valid for?

The Dubai Visa is valid for up to two years, although this will depend on the type of job. The duration of the visa is determined by the employer and can include a one-month grace period. The validity of your Dubai work visa is tied to the contract.

Processing time

The Dubai employment visa process is a bit complex and involves multiple steps. Applicants having all documents can expect the whole process to take around 1 month. But if any additional information is required, it could take more time than expected.

Can I work on my Dubai Visit Visa?

It is illegal to work on a Dubai tourist/visit visa. If you do so – even if you have found employment – you will be arrested, deported, and banned from re-entering the country. If you intend to work during your visit, you must apply for a different type of visa that allows you to do so.

Can I renew my Dubai Work Visa?

Yes, it can be renewed. A Dubai Visa can be renewed if you have valid reasons to do so and your employer is willing to sponsor you. The work visa can be renewed if the employer still requires your services and is still valid. The renewal of a work visa is done in Dubai. Suppose you have an offer from other company. In that case, you will need to apply for a new work visa by submitting the required documents to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).