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Dubai, UAE Visa for Nepalese Citizens

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UAE holds a significant position as one of Nepal’s key trading partners. With its numerous tourist attractions and upscale resorts, UAE has emerged as a popular destination for tourists worldwide, including Nepalese Citizens. When it comes to Nepalese nationals travelling to Dubai, a Dubai visa is indeed required. In 2019, UAE officials in the country introduced a specific type of visa known as the Dubai e-visa or UAE e-visa. Our services can assist Nepalese visitors in efficiently completing the UAE visa application process, ensuring a quick and convenient experience.

About UAE Visa for Nepalese Citizens- Dubai Tourist Visa for Nepalese

As Nepal is not particularly excused from the United Arab Emirates’ documentation needs for visas, Nepalese citizens will be required to go and register for a UAE visa.

The UAE Embassy is located in Panipokhari, Lazimpat, Nepal. If you require a regular UAE visa, you can move to the nearest UAE embassy from your location. Nowadays visa application process is very easy and you can use the online method for a UAE e-visa without proceeding to the UAE embassy.

Nepalese can apply for the following 30 days, 60 days UAE tourist visa to evolve the United Arab Emirates, it is up to them how many days they have to stay.

UAE Visa Requirements for Nepalese Citizens

If you are a Nepalese citizen planning to visit the UAE, it is important to prepare the following UAE visa requirements for a smooth and prompt visa issuance process:

  1. Ensure that you provide a valid email address to receive information, notifications, and application forms related to your UAE visa.
  2. Scan the bio page of your passport, ensuring that the passport or travel document remains valid for at least 6 months before you enter the UAE.
  3. Make sure the scanned copy of your passport’s bio page is clear, with your full name visible.
  4. Depending on the circumstances, you may also need to obtain UAE travel insurance. Please check if it applies to your travel plans.

By meeting these requirements and following the necessary procedures, you can facilitate the visa application process for your visit to the UAE.

How do Apply for a UAE e-visa for Nepalese Citizens?

Nepalese citizens can conveniently apply for a Dubai Tour visa online, ensuring a rapid and hassle-free process. Here are the steps that you need to keep in mind:

Step 1: Proceed with filling UAE visa online registration form on the UAE Immigration Services internet site, providing your information accurately.

Step 2: Confirm the information provided and choose a suitable payment method for your UAE e-visa. Ensure that the invoice is paid without any errors.

Step 3: Once your UAE visa registration form is checked and approved, you will obtain your UAE e-visa via email.

Step 4: After receiving the UAE e-visa, print a copy of it. This printed copy will allow you to have the UAE visa stamped in your passport before your travel. This step is necessary before your departure.

With a stable internet connection and a device, Nepalese citizens can easily apply for a UAE e-visa online without spending much time. It presents a timely and efficient way to obtain the necessary visa for travelling to the UAE.

Types of UAE Visa for Nepalese Citizens

Nepalese nationals have access to the UAE e-visa for Dubai tourist purposes, including travel, short-term business trips, and medical care. However, Nepalese travellers must determine the intended duration of their stay and familiarize themselves with the requirements to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Based on the exact type of UAE visa being applied for, Nepalese citizens can enter the UAE and prevail for 30 days or 60 days from their date of reaching. It’s important to note that the UAE electronic visa remains valid for 2 months from the date of its e-processing.

By understanding these details and adhering to the specific visa conditions, Nepalese travellers can effectively plan their visit to the United Arab Emirates and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience

UAE Visa fee for Nepalese citizens

The cost of a UAE tourist visa for Nepalese citizens can vary and is influenced by multiple factors. The UAE visa fee is determined by the country officials and is paid to obtain the UAE visa for Nepalese citizens. Additionally, there may be a visa service charge based on the specific visa services utilized by Nepalese applicants.

To obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding the cost of a UAE visa for Nepalese citizens, it is recommended to consult with the relevant authorities or contact the UAE embassy or consulate in Nepal. They will be able to provide detailed information on the visa fees and any additional charges associated with the application process.

UAE Immigration Service Consists of three types of UAE e-visa Services

● Standard UAE e-visa service is a direct online procedure, residents of Nepal can obtain their visa in just 3 business days.
● Urgent UAE e-visa service is to assist within 48 hours, Nepalese residents will receive a full and valid UAE e-visa.
● Super urgent UAE e-visa service is to help Nepalese get a high-speed UAE visa service package, prioritizing efficient processing to facilitate your travel plans.