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Complete Guide To Get Urgent Dubai Visa In 1 Day

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Dubai is among the most sought-after destinations in the world. It has extravagant hotels, luxurious malls, peaceful beaches, breathtaking views, and exciting experiences that differ from other Asian cities’ exotic surroundings. Travelers are happy because now an urgent Dubai visa is there. It’s the dream of every traveler to go to Dubai once in their lifetime. Being a stunning and bold metropolis, Dubai is the most frequently visited city in the UAE.

Like every other nation on the globe, it requires an entry visa in order to travel to Dubai. There are many nations that require residents to obtain an advance visa. Whichever country it is, the recent decision by Dubai UAE, to issue visas urgently for Dubai will simplify the lives of travelers and business people a breeze to arrange trips within a short period of time.

The urgent Dubai visa is designed for people who require to travel to Dubai on short notice. If you don’t have a choice but to reach the city of Dubai at the earliest time possible, must apply for a Dubai urgent Visa. This complete guide to obtaining the urgent Dubai visa in just one day is for those searching for ways to obtain the visa immediately. It could be that a family member or friend is urgently in need of help or perhaps a person has a family or work emergency that requires them to arrive in Dubai quickly.

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If you are experiencing extreme distress we encourage you to calm down and read this guide for more details on the procedure and time frame to issue the Dubai urgent visa. This guide will help you understand the idea behind an urgent visa but will provide you with the steps to apply for one.

All You Need To Know About Dubai Visa

All You Need To Know About Dubai Visa

The Dubai visa is a crucial document to present prior to any visit to a foreign nation. It is an entry permit, which permits visitors to travel to the country for any reason that they’ve been granted a visa. Dubai provides a variety of Dubai visas to suit the interests of tourists. They may be different from transit, tourists, visits, employment emergency visas, and residency. Visa types can be classified into two categories.

Regular Dubai visa:- The Regular Dubai visa, is the most common type of visa that typically requires a long time to process, and the applicant must follow the normal procedure. Visas like tourist, visit, employment, residency, etc. are included in the class of the regular Dubai visa.

Express Dubai visa:-  Express Dubai visa is different from the regular Dubai visa that is issued, and can be obtained within under 24 hours. While the applicant must undergo a certain procedure, however, the process for getting this visa is considerably less. Visas such as urgent and emergency visas fall into this category.

Dubai Urgent Visa

An urgent Dubai visa has to be issued in the event of an emergency, that the candidate must respond to. It could be a family member or friend or family member, or a personal emergency that needs to reach anywhere in the emirates. It’s mandatory for a Visa to be issued and in the event of an emergency issue an urgent visa.

A regular Dubai visa can take approximately 3-4 working days, but in the event of an urgent or emergency visa, it could require under 24 hours to obtain. If you wish for an expedited visa to be issued, they will have an additional cost depending on the price. The duration of an urgent visa lasts 60 days from the date of the visa’s issue.

There are two kinds of Visas for urgent use.

Single entry:- 14, 30, or 60-day urgent visa. If applicants are applying for an urgent Dubai visa, then they could get it in four to five hours, however, in the event of the case of a Dubai urgent visa, it could take 12 to 15 hours, depending on how the department of immigration.

Multiple entries:- 30 and 60-day urgent visas for multiple entries. This type of visa is the urgent type and it is available within 24-36 hours.

Who Are Eligible To Apply For An Urgent Visa?

It’s one of the most important questions that bothers most people is who can get an urgent visa.

The visa is issued to a foreigner who wants to travel to Dubai for the following reasons:

  1. Visit an individual or a relative who legally lives or who legally lives in the Emirates, and requires the documentation in order. They must also be submitted whenever needed.
  2. For tourism motives
  3. For urgent requests to help out your friends and family or any other personal urgent needs.

Documents Required For Dubai Visa

Documents Required For Dubai Visa

You can obtain your desired visa, provided you submit the correct documents. In keeping with the list of rules and regulations that keep changing, you must submit all of the documents listed below is required:

  1. A colored and scanned copy of the passport of the candidate:- A color and scanned copy of the applicant’s passport is among the most important documents. These scans should be a part of the bio page, which is on the front side as well as the reverse side and must be easily visible.
  2. A valid passport for the person applying:- The passport should be valid for at least three months after the start date of your travel. This is among the main reasons why a lot of visa applications are rejected. Most of them do not verify whether they have a valid passport prior to they submit their application.
  3. Scanned passport-size photograph:- A scan of a passport-sized photo in JPG/JPEG format or with a white background is recommended. The face of the candidate, including their ears, should be evident in the image. The image is meant to be formal therefore, avoid smiling in the photo.
  4. Forms that are filled correctly by the applicant:- The application form filled by the applicant, must contain all the required information and be submitted along with the other documents required.
  5. Return air tickets:- The applicant must submit a scan of the return ticket. This serves as proof of the return dates of the applicant.
  6. Bank account statement of the person:- In some cases, a bank statement for 6 months duration is required to be provided when making an application for an urgent visa.

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