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12 Best Traveling Tips if you are travel lover

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Travelling Tips for Travel Lover

From Solo travel to traveling as a couple or with a Family, we have got many travel tips from our clients in our past bookings. Being a traveler, it came to my mind that I must share it with you so that when you travel it can become easy.

According to me travel is not just checking into different places and taking out selfies to post on different Social Media. Even my motto through travel is to capture all your memories and moments.

Based on our travel experiences and client suggestions we are sharing the 12 best travelling tips with you:

  • Before planning make travel a priority. Believe me making travel one of your top priority you will be able to travel consistently years after years.
  • Instead of just a sightseeing, spend more time at particular place. This will make your travel stress free.
  • Things can be different at home and while travelling. There may be some cultures which will shock you. Don’t take it as a shitt, it’s always interesting to see new cultures and new peoples following them.
  • Don’t stop traveling once you have kids. Family travel is possible, you need not to stop it after kids. Contact Disha Global Tours your tour and travel partner in Dubai to guide you best.
  • Whether you want to travel with your spouse or family plan it together. Discuss for how many days you have to travel; what type of places you Visit Mountains; beach; small towns etc.
  • We are always new to new places. If you have any query then talk to locals their instead of asking to anybody.
  • If you are regular traveler, try to learn the basics of local language.  This will make your travel easier and locals are going to respect you more.
  • Always try free stuffs like bike ride; play in the park; visit market; climb a market; swim at the beach or lake if you know swim.
  • If you are planning a trip longer than a weekend prefer to stay in apartments or Airbnb. Apartments and Airbnb can also be affordable sometimes then a hotel for families and small group of peoples.
  • Travel where the deals are. Instead of choosing your destinations first and then looking for deals prefer to travel where the deals are. If you planning to travel in Dubai, contact DishaGlobalTours one of the travel website in UAE.
  • Always Travel with travel insurance. Because it’s useful in situations like unfortunately you need to cancel your trip, a hurricane damages your destination, there is a terrorist event, your luggage is lost, you lose your passport, you get sick or injured on your trip.
  • Travel with more than one option to access your money. Use a combination of credit cards, debit cards, cash, travel money cash etc.

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