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Difference Between 30 Days vs. 60 Days Visa Change by Bus

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Dubai, a city of soaring skyscrapers, stunning deserts, and a vibrant cultural scene, attracts visitors from around the world. Whether you’re planning a short stay or a more ample visit, securing the right visa is crucial. Dubai offers various visa options to accommodate different travel durations, and two popular choices are the 30-day and 60-day visas, often used for visa change by bus purposes. In this guide, we’ll explore the differences between the 30-day and 60-day Dubai visas obtained via bus visa change.

Understanding Visa Change in Dubai

Before diving into the specifics of the 30-day and 60-day visas, it’s essential to grasp the concept of visa change in Dubai. Visa change, also known as a visa run or a visa renewal, is a process that allows visitors to extend their stay in the UAE without returning to their home country. Instead, travelers can exit the nation temporarily and then re-enter with a new visa.

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One of the most typical ways of visa change in Dubai is by bus. Travelers typically take a bus to the nearby border of Oman or another neighboring country, exit the UAE, and then return shortly with a fresh visa.

The 30-Day Dubai Visa Change by Bus

The 30-day Dubai visa change by bus is a popular choice for travelers who want a relatively short extension of their stay. Here are some key details about the 30-day visa change –

  1. Duration – As the name suggests, this visa allows you to stay in Dubai for an additional 30 days. It’s ideal for those who need a bit more time to explore the city or complete their business activities.
  2. Cost – The cost of a 30-day visa change by bus can vary, depending on the service provider and additional services you may require, such as transportation and visa processing fees. However, it’s generally more affordable compared to longer-term visas.
  3. Process – The process involves exiting the UAE by bus to a neighboring country like Oman. After a short stay there, you can return to Dubai with your new 30-day visa. The entire process is relatively quick and straightforward.
  4. Suitability – The 30-day visa change is suitable for tourists and business travelers who need a short extension for leisure or work-related activities.

The 60-Day Dubai Visa Change by Bus

The 60-day Dubai visa change by bus offers a more extended stay option for travelers. Here’s what you need to know –

  1. Duration – This visa allows you to extend your stay in Dubai for 60 additional days. It’s an excellent choice for those who want a more prolonged visit to explore the city or engage in more extended business ventures.
  2. Cost – The cost of a 60-day visa change by bus is typically higher than the 30-day option due to the longer duration. However, it can still be a cost-effective solution compared to other visa types.
  3. Process – Similar to the 30-day visa change, you exit the UAE via bus to a neighboring country, spend a brief period there, and then return to Dubai with your new 60-day visa. The process is slightly longer, but it provides a more extended stay.
  4. Suitability – The 60-day visa change is ideal for travelers who want to immerse themselves in Dubai’s culture, take their time exploring the city, or engage in extended business projects.

Choosing Between 30 Days and 60 Days

So, how do you decide between the 30-day and 60-day Dubai visa change by bus? Here are some factors to consider –

Purpose of Visit – Determine the purpose of your stay. If you’re in Dubai for a short vacation or have specific short-term business tasks, the 30-day visa may suffice. However, if you plan to stay for an extended period or have more extended business commitments, the 60-day option is a better fit.

Budget – Consider your budget. While the 60-day visa is more expensive than the 30-day one, it offers better value for longer stays. Evaluate your financial resources to make the right choice.

Itinerary – Review your travel itinerary and schedule. Ensure that you have ample time to exit the UAE, stay in the neighboring country, and return within the visa validity period.

Travel Plans – Think about your travel plans within Dubai. If you intend to explore the city at a relaxed pace, engage in cultural experiences, or handle extended business projects, the 60-day visa is the more practical option.

Future Visits – Consider your future plans for visiting Dubai. If you foresee multiple visits within a short period, you might opt for the 30-day visa initially and then plan for subsequent renewals.


Choosing between a 30-day and a 60-day Dubai visa change by bus ultimately depends on your travel objectives, budget, and schedule. Both options provide convenient solutions for extending your stay in this remarkable city. Whether you’re here for leisure, business, or a combination of both, Dubai welcomes you with open arms and a range of visa choices to ensure your experience is both enjoyable and hassle-free.