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What is the Procedure to Renew 90 Days UAE Visa

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UAE is a major destination for tourists. People from all over the globe visit the UAE for a variety of reasons. There is a wide range of tourist visas available in Dubai to accommodate visitors from all over the world. Tourist visas are needed by those who aren’t allowed to enter visa-free in the UAE. Recently, new changes have been implemented to the visa policies for tourists in the UAE that allow tourists to renew 90 90-day UAE visas without needing to leave the country.

The visa extension policy is relaxed and permits visitors to extend their visas twice within the UAE without leaving the country. This Dubai visit visa is valid up to two times. This can be a maximum of 60 days. This Dubai visa extension is made for a nominal cost, based on the method you decide to proceed with.

The UAE Government has also permitted visa holders to extend their stay within the UAE and eliminate the requirement for unwanted travel. This UAE visa application process is a straightforward one, where visa holders seek an additional visa through a travel agency and request an identical UID number. Once the visa is processed and accepted the status change is completed from the previous visa to the latest UAE tourism visa.

At the time of arrival, citizens are also able to reap the advantages of this service as well. This process is made simpler by creating an application when the visa holder is in the country. The file can be utilized if the person wants to prolong their visit.

If you’re a tourist ex-pat, or a businessman, there could be a need that requires you to extend the duration of your Dubai visit or alter the conditions of your stay in UAE. This package is ideal for foreigners already living in the UAE having a tourist visa, visa-on-arrival, single-entry visa as well as multiple entry visas who are looking to extend their stay in the country for reasons of pleasure or work. Even Dubai citizens looking to convert their canceled Visa status into a tourist’s visa can apply for the appropriate visa with this package while they are in the UAE.

Step-by-step procedure for renewing 90 day UAE Visa

If you want to renew your visa then here is the procedure for renewing 90 day UAE visa:

  1. Contact Disha Global Tours the best visa experts
  2. If you’re trying to extend the time of your stay in Dubai or to change your UAE Visa status, our staff is ready to listen to your requests.
  3. It is important to send us all the appropriate documents prior to the expiration date of the current validity of your visa.
  4. Fill in the form to apply for a visa with the correct information.
  5. You can walk directly into our office or email us your documents.
  6. Send us your contact details that are valid, including your address, number email ID, etc.
  7. After the verification of your documents, we’ll send your application for visa processing.
  8. Pay the fee to process your visa change request or extension.
  9. Once your visa has been renewed, we will notify you.

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Documents Required To Renew 90 Days UAE Visa

For Tourist Visa Holder

• Copies of the candidate’s passport’s front and back pages
• Copy of the candidate’s current visa
• Size of the passport of the applicant viewed with a white background
• Include the residency visa Emirates ID as well as passports of the candidate’s guarantors (only when applicable)

For On-arrival Visa holders

• A copy of the passport’s front and back pages
• Size of the passports of the candidate, compared to the background of white
• Add the resident visa Emirates ID and copies of passports for the guarantee

For candidates whose UAE residency or UAE visa has been canceled

• A copy of the candidate’s canceled UAE residence or work visa
• A copy of the passport’s front and back pages
• Recent passport-size photos of the candidate, taken against a white background
• Include the residency visa, Emirates ID, as well as passport copies for the candidate’s guarantor (only when applicable)

Renew 90 Days UAE Visa | Disha Global Tours

Disha Global Tours has a skilled and experienced team of visa specialists that will assist you from beginning to end and provide you with a quick and efficient extension of your 3-month UAE Visa. You can avoid waiting in a long line and taking a long bus ride to Oman.

All you have to do is send us all the necessary documents at least two days prior to the expiration date of the validity of your UAE visa. The best part is that you are able to extend the visa from your own home or another place of residence, without visiting us in person. We’ll ensure that the validity of your Dubai visa is altered legally in the safest way and without having to leave the country.