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Can I Get Visa On Arrival In Dubai

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A visa is the most necessary document if you wish to visit the nation you intend to visit. Similar to Dubai, a visa helps you take a final entry. In addition to the other required paperwork, a Dubai visa serves as a legal entry permit to Dubai. Visas are short-term identification documents that introduce you to the city as a citizen.

What is Visa on Arrival in Dubai?

On-arrival visas are visas issued by UAE immigration with the following features

  • It does not have to be prearranged and can be arranged once you arrive at Dubai airport.
  • As soon as you disembark your flight and undergo the required biometrics, your visa is stamped at the immigration counter.
  • Once the visa is updated, it will be uploaded to the AMER and ICA databases.
  • An individual who is from or holds a passport from a particular country can claim them at any time without having to wait in line.
  • Four types of on-arrival visas are provided free of charge, while one is issued after paying a fee. 

 Dubai Visa Policy At The Airport

There are differences between the visa policies of every nation. There are almost no countries that do not require an entry permit/visa; however, among these nations, some, including Dubai, are in favor of free entry permits. The aim of this is to boost the economy of the country and to strengthen its ties with these countries. 

Prior to the current law, Indians were not eligible for Dubai “Visa on arrival at the airport” but now they can get it. 

In recent reports, it has been reported that Dubai is becoming a major commercial and industrial hub by attracting investors from around the world day by day. Besides serving as a commercial hub, its airport is also considered one of the busiest international airports. Business meetings, seminars, events, etc., are held in Dubai almost every month. To change flights to other countries, most travelers use Dubai International Airport. Thus, Dubai and its airport are both very engaging places when it comes to business and travel. 

As a result of their frequent visits to Dubai and passing by Dubai airport, most businesspersons face difficulties when applying for visas. It may take a little time to renew the visa and repeat the process, which could result in a loss of business. 

Visa on Arrival in Dubai

A 30-day visa on arrival

Dubai visas are not required in advance for nationals of these countries, and they can receive them upon arrival for 30 days with a grace period of 10 days to extend.

A 60-day visa on arrival

UAE citizens from these nations do not need visas in advance for entry and can apply for visas upon arrival for 60 days:

Indian citizens

Indian citizens with normal passports and either a –

  • Visas issued by the USA or
  • green cards issued by the USA
  • a residency visa issued by the UK
  • European Union residence visa

will be able to obtain a visa upon arrival for up to 14 days as long as the visa or the green card are valid for six months when arriving in the UAE.

Entry permit and Dubai visa policies

ICA, as well as its Directorates of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the various emirates, sets the rules and regulations for visas and permits.

Obtaining a visa or an entry permit in the UAE requires a pre-arrangement through a sponsor. Check if you qualify for a visa-free entry, a visa on arrival, or an eVisa in advance of travel.

Validity of entry permits

Depending on the type of entry permit issued, the visitor should determine when to enter the country and the validity of their entry permit. A visa issued for a visit, a tourist visa, or an employment visa has a validity of 60 days. For residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council, entry permits last for 30 days after issuance.

Transit visas valid for 96 hours last for 14 days from the date they are issued. Temporary work permits and multiple entry visas have different validity periods.

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