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How to Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

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There’s no doubt about the trust that the Dubai Emirate is one of the very preferred spots for holidaying across the globe. The favorable environment, amazing coast, architectural monuments, and elegant buildings make this emirate an ideal spot for a vacation. When determining to open a travel agency in Dubai, a businessman has to comply with the due procedure that has been placed on the spot according to the rules of the nation.

Initiating a travel business in the emirate is as smooth as any other business. Businessmen have been welcomed by the investor-friendly regime. You can go travel business setup by either yourself or look for our support for finishing business formation formalities on your behalf.

On the flip side, in forming a travel agency as a sole proprietorship, the rules of the nation demand that the businessmen must stand as certified travel agents just then the procedure of forming a travel agency can be permitted within the nation.

What to Consider When Opening a Travel Agency in Dubai

A travel agency can function as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company. This is vital to make a difference due to the licensing and registration needs. In terms of LLCs registered as travel companies, the needs are more difficult. When forming a travel agency as a sole proprietorship, the businessmen would need to evolve qualified travel agents for Dubai visas. Below are the points to consider before opening an agency.

  1. The business build under which the travel agency would run is most crucial.
  2. This is also vital to forming in case the corporation would run in the emirate or one of its free zones.
  3. As an overseas businessman, you would be required to hire a local agent for company registration.
  4. This is vital to carefully select the kind of license for the travel agency you would make an application for.
  5. Making sure you have enough funds to form the business is another factor to think about.

Steps to Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

  1. Form your Business Activity

To start your business, you should first select accurately what type of business activity you wish to be involved in. Would you run a travel agency business, an inbound tour operator business, or an outbound operator business? There are several activities to choose from throughout the several markets in which you can take part.

  1. Choose a Name for Your Company

prior to forming a name, this has been vital to familiarize yourself with the rules. Terms such as global, international, and more are permitted, but they can result in extra charges and restrictions.

  1. Submit an Application for a Business License

The Economic Department of the emirate grants business licenses in the emirate. All ventures, regardless of industry, must at the very least stand in possession of a business license. The application would usually require your memorandum of association, incorporation certificate, and copies of the passports of your stakeholders, among other papers, to be presented.

Specialized permits are needed by a few industries from the right licensing officials, and in terms of tourism, it is the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

  1. Present an Application for a Tourist License

This would be your next move to present an application to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing for one of the 3 licenses obtainable in the emirate. inbound operator, outbound operator, or travel agent. For forming a travel agency in Dubai, you would require an outline of your company methods, a clean criminal statement letter, and an NOC from the Civil Aviation Authority. In addition, it should stand renewed each year at least 30 days before its expiration.

  1. Arrange for Staff Visas

Ensure to present your application within 30 days of a worker’s arrival in the country, and you must acquire a tourist Dubai visa in no time. Employees’ entrance allows can be acquired by signing up on the Ministry of Interior’s website. Once the entrance allowance has been issued, workers can go through an in-country status change to activate it, which has been a difficult move in the procedure of getting a complete employment visa.

  1. Open a Bank Account

No bank would recognize your corporation if you don’t hold a business license, so select your bank with care, a wrong selection can turn out to be a terrible choice for your travel agency in Dubai.