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Top 10 Festivals In Dubai You Must Experience

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As we know, Dubai is the most renowned tourist destination in the world because of its amazing and elegant tourist places. Apart from many tourists attraction, Dubai is also famous for its most captivating and impressive festivals which are celebrated on a grand level. Various festivals and events are celebrated in Dubai throughout the year. Many competitions take place in these surprising and fascinating festivals that make them, must-experience festivals in Dubai. These festivals and events attract many people, not only from the Middle East but across the globe.

List of 10 Festivals in Dubai That You Must Experience

Here’s the list of 10 festivals in Dubai you must experience.

1. Dubai Shopping Festival

Shopping festival dubai

Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the most exhilarating festivals in Dubai. This Dubai shopping festival is held annually mainly from January first week to February first week. This shopping festival was initiated in 1996. Dubai shopping festival is famous for its unbelievable discounts, no matter how high the brand is or how much it cost, the Dubai shopping festival offers a chance for everyone to shop. This shopping festival is not only famous for shopping, but the other festivities also happen in this festival such as parades, concerts, game shops, ramp walks, food-related events, etc.

2. Dubai Food Festival

Food Festival Dubai

Dubai Food Festival was started in 2014 to encourage tourism. If anyone wants to eat some delicious food, then the Dubai food festival is best for them. The locals and tourists can enjoy this festival and find all the delicious middle cuisines on the table. Dubai Food Festival is celebrated annually, mostly in the month of February and March. From the starting to the end of this Food festival, Dubai becomes heaven for foodies. At the Dubai food festival, the cost of food depends upon the food that you choose as you will find all ranges from cheapest to expensive.

3. Dubai International Jazz Festival

International Jazz Festival dubai

International Jazz Festival in Dubai is one of the most exciting and awaited festivals for those who love music. This is another reason to visit the most amazing city. Many tourists across the world visit Dubai to enjoy this breathtaking festival. This festival is annually held in Dubai mainly in the month of February at the Dubai Media City. If you want to attend the International Jazz festival in Dubai, then you have to buy passes. You can also buy passes online from Platinum List, Virgin Megastore, Book My show, and 800 Tickets but buy as soon as possible.

4. Dubai International Film Festival

Film Festival dubai

Dubai Film Festival is considered one of the biggest and amazing film festivals in Dubai. This festival was started in 2004, celebrated every year up to 2018, but now it is celebrated every two years mostly in December. Dubai Film festival attracts many viewers, interns, volunteers, and celebrities. This film festival is organized by the Dubai Entertainment and Media Organization and guardian by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice president of UAE.

5. Dubai Marathon

Dubai Marathon

Dubai Marathon is one of the most renowned festivals in Dubai, which attracts thousands of participants across the world. This marathon was initiated in 2000 and held annually. In the year of 2008, this marathon was considered the world’s richest marathon event. The route of this amazing marathon is approximately 42.2 km. This world-famous marathon is mostly held in the months of January or February. The Dubai marathon is divided into three parts and includes a massive range of participants. The winner of this amazing marathon gets hefty prizes. If anyone wants to take part in this marathon, then he or she can register online through the official website of the Dubai marathon.

6. Swim The Burj

swimming festival dubai

Burj Al Arab is one of the most captivating structures in Dubai. Swim the Burj is a swimming festival that offers a chance to the participants to take a close view of Burj Al Arab. In this event, participants have to swim around the Burj Al Arab. This swimming festival is mainly celebrated in the month of April. People above the age of 16 can participate in this event. There are two different categories of this swimming race, i.e. 1,600 meters and 800 meters. This swimming festival is for tourists as well as for locals.

7. Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup is a horse race event that started in 1996 and since celebrated every year in the month of March. This horse race event is considered one of the world’s richest horse races. The prize fund of this Dubai world cup is worth USD 10 million. This horse race takes place at the Nad Al Sheba Racecourse. In the presence of trainers, jockeys, and the world’s best horse breed this Dubai World Cup take place in the Racecourse.

8. Dubai International Boat Show

International Boat Show

Dubai International Boat Show is celebrated every year mainly in the month of March. The luxurious and amazing yachts from all over the world take part in this international boat show. This captivating event attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe. Varieties of boats and yachts can see in this boat show, and the other attraction of this event is incredible sea toys, water sports villages, fly board championships, and many more.

9. Dubai Bake festival

Dubai Bake festival

Dubai Bake Festival is one of the festival’s best and awaiting events for those who love bakery food. This baking festival is organized by the Renno Communication Group and celebrated at the green park in Dubai. The locals, as well as tourists, take part in this amazing festival. People can also buy baking stuff and tools from this festival. In this baking festival, you can enjoy the world’s most delicious taste of baked food.

10. Dubai Dhow Race

Dubai Dhow Race

Dubai Dhow Race is known as the Al Gaffal Dhow Race. Dhows are the traditional boats of the United Arab Emirates. In the ancient period, Dhows were used by the fishermen for pearl diving. Al Graffel Dhow Race is referred to as one of the eminent watersports in Dubai. Most Emiratis take part in this event because Dhows are the traditional Arabian boats and for them, it’s a matter of national pride.

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