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Know Everything About Skydiving in Dubai

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When you consider the fabulous Burj Khalifa, the opulent Dubai Mall, the expense of clean, brown deserts, calm sea cruises, etc., you might think Dubai provides the best experiences on land and on water. Besides these places to see and explore in Dubai, skydiving in Dubai is also a great experience. Participate in this strenuous sport with professional skydivers on your next vacation to Dubai.

Almost every traveler’s bucket list includes a visit to Dubai with its ambitious construction projects. You must visit this desert beauty if you are a travel enthusiast. Dubai has a lot to offer, from its magnificent architecture to the adventure activity of skydiving.

How much does it cost to do skydiving in Dubai?

Dubai skydiving costs roughly AED 1700. In contrast, the Palm zone skydive starts at approximately AED 2200. There are packages that let you pick both campuses, but their prices vary. Skydiving in Dubai includes a secure experience, and professionally edited pictures and videos.

Types of Skydiving in Dubai

You can participate in two different types of skydiving in Dubai. You can choose between outdoor skydiving and indoor skydiving according to your preferences. Here we will discuss these types of skydiving in a little more detail and give you some valuable insight into choosing the right one for you.

1. Outdoor Skydiving

Choosing Outdoor skydiving is the best way to experience the real thing, like the ones you see on television and social media videos. Skydiving outdoors involves taking off to a high altitude and then jumping from there while all the proper safety measures are in place. Newbies and first-timers usually decide to go tandem skydiving, as they are tied tightly to a professional instructor, although if they already have a license, they can go solo.

You may participate in Dubai skydiving at two locations where you take off from ground level approximately 13,000 feet and then you take a leap of faith over the desert land while strapped securely to an expert instructor. While you spread your wings and pretend to fly, a professional videographer records the entire diving experience!

2. Indoor Skydiving

It’s a relatively new concept, but indoor skydiving is also becoming increasingly popular around the world. In indoor skydiving, various simulations are used to recreate free-fall conditions. Skydiving is an excellent activity for newcomers to the sport who want to experience the thrill of skydiving without any risk involved.

Indoor skydiving is cheaper than outdoor skydiving, and in a short time, you can feel like you are skydiving. It is possible for children older than 2 years to experience indoor skydiving. It is possible to experience indoor skydiving in Dubai to simulate the experience of a real skydive or to take your kids on the adventure of a lifetime.

Best places for skydiving in Dubai

1. The Palm Zone

There is no adequate location to go skydiving in Dubai than Skydive The Palm Zone. Visit the Palm Zone for skydiving at Palm Jumeirah, and you’ll see a man-made island that’s shaped like a palm tree and surrounded by the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf. Among Dubai’s most beloved attractions, it is the Burj Khalifa. What better way to enjoy your skydiving experience? Seeing Dubai from 10,000 feet is an incredible experience. Blue-green water, a massive palm tree in the depth of the ocean, and some of the Burj Al Arab’s most popular landmarks are in store for you.

2. Desert Zone

You can see the golden sand dunes for miles and the unique plants and animals that only exist in desert habitats. If you leap more than 10,000 feet in the air, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Dubai. What could be more pleasing than a stunning panorama, serenity, and the lack of people? Feel feelings and experience an adrenaline rush like nothing you have ever encountered before.

As you freefall, you will feel as if you are riding a whirlwind rollercoaster for roughly 60 seconds. You will glide gently into the air after your instructor drops the parachute, taking in the stunning sights of Dubai and its desert. Your landing will take approximately 5-7 minutes, after which you will smoothly touch down.

3. iFly Dubai

The iFly Dubai indoor skydiving center is the best place to go indoor skydiving. Double vertical tunnels at iFly are gravity-defying and stimulating, bringing the skydiving experience to a whole new level. The tunnels measure 10 meters in length and are surrounded by acrylic glass. The tunnels are completely safe with high-quality security measures. You can take flight in a controlled environment with the help of experienced instructors while you enjoy yourself to the fullest.

4. InFlight Dubai

If you wanted a world-class skydiving experience without leaping out of a plane, we offer a range of simulated skydiving experiences.

The world’s most advanced vertical wind tunnel and the world’s best instructors make flying at Inflight Dubai an easy process – even without a parachute or an aircraft. In addition to the sensation of weightlessness and the rush of adrenaline provided by the air column, the tunnel provides the same sensation experienced by skydivers all over the world – speed and flow of air.

Best Time for skydiving in Dubai

Arid weather is common between April and October in Dubai, whereas rainy weather occurs from November to March in the winter. Your dive may be canceled or postponed due to inclement weather. When it comes to skydiving in Dubai, the best time is between October and April when the temperature is warm and the wind is cool during the day.

The best time to skydive is early in the morning when you can see the city at its best and take memorable photos.+

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