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Hot Air Balloon Adventure Over the Dubai Desert

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One of the best outdoor activities that you can do in the Dubai emirate is a hot air balloon adventure. This activity is manned by a greatly practiced corporation known as Balloon Adventures Emirates which is also a reliable provider of hot air balloon functions across the globe. Travelers not just enjoy the breathtaking view of the desert but also get a new view of the surroundings and heritage of Dubai. The experience of a hot air balloon is a high activity, particularly for adventurous people.

Here Know About Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Enjoy the Ride with Disha Global Tours

Our experience throughout this adventure began at 5:30 am. This was an early meeting pick-up time at Festival City as we have to be there prior to sunrise. Around a 45 min drive, we reached the desert and we can watch

Take off as the sun rises over the Desert of the emirate and fills the sky with light, that’s what it is like to fly with Balloon Adventure. The corporation has been many years long, which means you would be in professional hands. From hiring your hot air balloon to conveying the ride with friends, you are able to take your choice at a hot air balloon adventure in Dubai.

The hot air balloon adventure Dubai experience comprises flowing at 4000 feet and watching the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where you would convey to see the native wildlife. In case you wish to enjoy royalty, you are able to rest in a shiny desert set inside the bases of a Royal retreat. In addition, each balloon is furnished with cameras so you would stand capable to grab the memories you assemble when flying in the sky.


They are proud in giving their consumers an experience of a lifetime by taking all the essential security safeguards to create your ride secure. The Sindbad Gulf Balloon is in the game for over a decade and gives its customers of amazing hot air balloon adventures. Their market reasonable costs let you experience the finest of the emirate on a budget. So, start a step toward your balloon ride, and take a Dubai visa with Disha Global Tours.


Hot Air Balloon Dubai wants to get you off your feet. They proudly say themselves an avital adventure corporation and this is for every appropriate reason. They are authorized by the General Civil Aviation so rest assured you would be in the hands of professionals.

From creating the flights secure to surrounding the fantastic geography of the emirate, this corporation does not disappoint its travelers. A balloon can be shared by around 24 travelers at a moment so you can make your bookings accordingly, Disha Global Tours is here to guide you about the ride and help you in getting the UAE visa to enjoy this amazing ride.

The packages given by the company are carefully curated for balloon riders. The travelers get to watch balloon inflation abide by a rapid pre-flight briefing. They give to take and decline assistance within the boundaries of the city. The travelers depart from Margham and return within a 20 km radius from the departure spot. Each flight lasts from elsewhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Platinum Heritage

Highly renowned for giving of its sort safari experience, the platinum heritage dares its travelers to expand the Dubai desert adventure. This contains everything from a whole night’s rest in the desert to early morning balloon rides, only at sunrise.

In case you want to enjoy the shimmering stars, you do not wish to miss the opportunity. The corporation takes pride in taking its travelers back in time and letting you experience the immersive desert experience in the manner it was prior to the city being born.

The package comprised consuming the night almost the bonfire in a conventional majlis environment. You can consume the night in a private room formed of Arabic stone places encouraged by the Bedouin. The morning begins with the hot air balloon adventure pursued by an epicurean breakfast.