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Ultimate Guide For Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

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Dubai is synonymous with opulence, grandeur, and glamour at its finest. It has captured the imagination of tourists from around the world as a fascinating modern tourist destination in the Middle East. Despite adopting digital technology, Dubai has remained true to its roots by preserving the essence of its Eastern cultural heritage. Tourists apply for multiple entries Dubai visas to see the entire Emirate and its amazing offerings and landmarks in one visit.

This guide covers everything you need to know before applying for your multiple entry visa for UAE for 30 days multiple entry visa or 60 days multiple entry visa. Depending on your travel purpose and duration, choose the appropriate visa for your Dubai visit.

What Is A Multiple Entry Visit Visa Dubai, UAE?

Multiple entry visas for Dubai permit users to enter multiple times during a visa’s validity period. Depending on the visa length and type of visa applied, Dubai tourist visa holders can stay for up to 60 days from the date of their visa issuance.

30 Days Multiple Entry Visa

With the 30 days multiple entry Dubai visa, you can enter Dubai multiple times during your visa’s validity. You can stay in the city for 30 days maximum when using this visa, which has a 58-day expiration date. It’s essentially the same process for applying for a multiple-entry visa, though you have to pay a higher application fee.

Benefits Of 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa

A visa application would be a hassle if you have family in Dubai or you visit the city frequently for business purposes. A 30 days Dubai multiple entry visa prevents you from having this problem. Dubai and any other Emirate can be visited as often as the visa allows (for 30 days) as long as it is valid. You would have to pay a higher fee for this visa, but you would end up saving money in the long run since you would not have to pay the visa fee every time you travel to Dubai.

How to Apply for 30 Days Dubai Multiple Entry Visa?

Filling out the online application form is the first step toward applying. All information should be accurate and complete. Incorrect information could result in your application being rejected. The application must also be accompanied by several documents. They are as follows:

• Two colored copies of your passport’s first two and last two pages. A passport valid for six months should be provided.

• A copy of your passport page with your exit stamp (if you have ever visited Dubai or UAE) is required.

• To the form should be attached 2-4 passport-size photographs (recent ones). It is recommended that the photographs were taken against white backgrounds. Make sure that your face is clear and the picture isn’t blurry.

• You will also need to provide written confirmation of your tickets.

• When applying for visas, those who are invited to come to UAE by a hosting company, friend, or family member are required to submit the host’s letter of invitation, a copy of their passport, and a copy of their visa.

• A confirmed hotel booking in Dubai or any other Emirate can be submitted if you do not have a guarantor or host in the UAE.

If you submit all these documents, it may take approximately three to four business days for your multiple-entry visa to be issued. If necessary, you will need to submit a few other documents. If this is the case, you will have to wait an extra few days to receive your visa.

60 days Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

A 30-day multiple entry Dubai visa is recommended if visitors plan on staying in Dubai or the UAE for a long period of time like meetings, conferences, transit stays, etc.

Travelers who need to travel between the UAE and other nearby countries for a period of time by air, land, or sea, can get a 60-day Multiple entry Dubai visa instead of obtaining two or three separate visas and incurring additional time and expense.

Benefits Of 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa

60-day visas are available in two forms: single entry and multiple entries. A single entry visa lets you stay in any of the emirates for 60 days after entering. Even if your 60-day period hasn’t expired, you cannot return with the same visa. In contrast, a multiple-entry visa allows you to enter the country unlimited times for a period of 60 days (beginning on your first entry) until your visa expires. Businesspeople and tourists who wish to travel to neighboring countries during their stay in the UAE can take advantage of the 60 days multiple Dubai entry visa.

How to Apply for 60 Days Dubai Multiple Entry Visa?

You can get your 60 days Dubai Multiple entry visa. Several documents are required when you submit the application form. These documents include:


For visa applications, you need your passport. It is necessary to make colored copies of the first two pages and the last page of the passport. On these pages are all your personal details such as your name, address, nationality, passport number, and validity of your passport – everything required to issue a visa. You should not carry a handwritten passport with a validity of fewer than six months.

Covering Letter:

A cover letter along with all your documents is required for the 60-day multiple-entry Dubai visa. In the cover letter, you should include information about your trip and your stay in the UAE, as well as a guarantee that you will leave the country when the validity of your visa expires. Additionally, two locals must be included along with their photo identification and proof of address.

Details of the Host:

It is necessary to include your host’s information if you are traveling to Dubai for business or for personal reasons. An invitation letter from the host company is required when you are invited by a company. You must provide a copy of your passport and the residence visa of your host if you are visiting a family member or friend. The residence visa needs to be valid for six months or longer. Upon leaving the country and returning to your home country, you must also provide your host with a security check that is credited to their account.

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