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Dubai has been growing rapidly last few decades. Many people around the world especially from India are attracted to Dubai because of its magnificent architecture, stunning beaches, and luxurious lifestyle. The Dubai government issues transit visas for Indian passport holders provided that the traveler is transiting to and from India. Indian passport holders can apply for a Dubai transit visa 96 hours. The traveler must have a ticket to a third country and proof of funds. Transiting through Dubai means that you are changing your flight to another flight of the same or different airline. If you are flying on a one-way ticket, you must have a valid visa for your final destination.

Why Transit Visa is Required for Indian Passport Holder

If the transit time of Travelers from India is more than 10 hours. In that case, the passenger will be required to disembark at the airport or get deported. To avoid those passengers can apply for a transit visa in advance. If you hold a valid UAE visa and have already cleared immigration in Dubai, you can leave the airport and visit Dubai. However, if your onward flight is within 24 hours, it is recommended that you do not leave the airport and remain in the transit area until your next flight.

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Must have Documented for Dubai Transit Visa

The following documents are required for your Dubai Transit Visa application:

1. Passport copy of all passengers

2. Passport-sized photographs of all passengers

3. Airline itinerary

4. Visa and passport copy of the final destination

Type of Dubai Transit Visa for Indian Passport Holder

Dubai Transit Visa is issued to travelers who have a confirmed flight ticket and hotel reservation for the next destination. This visa enables you to stay in Dubai for 96 hours or 48 hours depending on your visa type. It only allows you to stay in Dubai for the period stated on your visa Indian passport holders are eligible for a Dubai transit visa. 

  • Dubai transit visa 48 hours

 You can obtain a Dubai transit visa 48 hours if you are traveling through the UAE’s airports. The applicants should be outside the UAE at the time of visa application and have a confirmed airline ticket to a third country within 48 hours from the arrival time in Dubai. Passengers of all nationalities can apply for this visa

  • Dubai transit visa 96 hours

96 hour transit visa are available to travelers transiting by the United Arab Emirates. There are some restrictions on where you can go during your stay in the UAE since your visa is not extendable or renewable. However, there are no restrictions on entry into the country, as long as you have a valid passport and flight ticket out of the UAE within 96 hours of arrival.

Processing Time for Dubai Transit Visa

The standard processing time for a Dubai transit visa 96 hours is 72-96 hours. But this can change based on the visa type. But if you’re traveling within the next few days and need your visa faster, Disha global tour can get it to you within 48 hours.

Applying For a Dubai Transit Visa

People who are traveling to the UAE for business or leisure can choose from a few different visa options. Some of these visas are more difficult to get than others, but Disha Global Tour has helped thousands of people get the right type of visa for their trip. Whether you’re coming for a short business trip like 48 hour transit visa or planning to stay in the country for months at a time, we can help you select the right visa and apply for it quickly. The Visa application process is simple when you work with Disha Global Tour.

We are one of the fastest, most trusted visa companies in India, and our focus is on helping customers as you travel as effortlessly as possible. Disha Global Tour offers competitive prices for different visas. We have experts who can help you through every step of the process, from determining which visa category is best for your situation, applying online, paying your fees, and following up with the embassy until your visa is issued. Our expert consultants can walk you through everything that needs to happen so that your visa is approved quickly and easily.

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