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Extraordinary Dubai Day City Tour Experience

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Dubai is a city of heaven. Everyone dreams of visiting Dubai once in their life, just like me. So recently I fulfilled my dream, of visiting Dubai with my friend with a travel tour company Disha Global Tours. So in this blog, I deliver my complete Dubai Day City Tour journey and what things I do in Dubai and see in two days. 

Dubai is popular for many things like luxury living, the best shopping malls, and a safe environment. Along with this, Dubai’s culture, history, heritage, and amazing lifestyle create the best holidays and attract many tourists from all over the world, just like me. So let’s start, Disha Global Tours plans our entire tour journey and books a hotel for us. First, we enter Dubai and check in at our hotel. After some time, we were ready to explore Dubai. 

Dubai is one of the best places to travel for enterprise tourists and adventure tourists. The white sand beaches, rugged mountain landscapes, historic buildings, and serene deserts offer abundant tranquility and serenity. This city is the finest place for all relaxation lovers. Prepare to be continuously amazed by the heritage museum, theme parks, traditional souks, and bustling shopping malls, each offering its own dose of astonishment. Your journey of wonderment knows no bounds in this stunning, contemporary metropolis.

 We booked a Dubai Day City Tour package with Disha Global Tours. During our interactions with them, we discovered their flexibility in tailoring city tours to meet the specific preferences of their clients.

Our Dubai Day City Tour Journey Begins

After having breakfast, we were ready to explore Dubai, Disha Global Tours provided us a tour guide. His vast knowledge about the city’s history and development, road, and direction grip was amazing. He told us fascinating facts about the heritage areas of Dubai. The great thing about the joyful driver or guide was he never compromised for our amenity. First, we covered these 8 places in our Dubai Day City Tour . 

1. Burj Khalifa- 

Burj Khalifa

When we made plans to visit Dubai, my first thought was to see this amazing mega-tall skyscraper in the world. Reaching the Burj Khalifa felt like a dream come true, a moment I had eagerly awaited. My excitement soared as we finally approached this iconic landmark. To visit the observation deck with a city tour, we booked our ticket online. When we ascended the tallest building in the world by lift, we crate numerous stoppages to see Dubai from diverse angles. This is heaven. Looking out from those towering floors, the world unfolds before your eyes in a breathtaking panorama. Words fail to capture the overwhelming sensation. Through the glass door windows, it feels as though the entire world is within reach, cradled in the palms of your hands. We clicked many pictures to save the memories of this amazing spot. 

2. Palm Jumeirah Island & The Atlantis Hotel- 

Palm Jumeirah Island

Second, we visit Palm Jumeirah Island, an amazing building. My friends and I looking forward to seeing the island in real that has created the shape of a palm leaf on the sea. Our guide told us many interesting facts about this island. The Dubai government, in collaboration with world-class skilled engineers, has achieved the extraordinary feat of building a sprawling cityscape atop the ocean, turning the seemingly impossible into a stunning reality. I have never seen anything like this before. The hotel looks like it has just emerged from the seawater. Palm Jumeirah Island is the most visited place in Dubai. 

3. Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach- 

Burj Al Arab

Next, we visit the beautiful Jumeirah Beach, counted as the top attraction in Dubai. This beach filled me with peace and calmness. We strolled along the sandy beaches, capturing picturesque moments against the backdrop of the sea. Our journey included a memorable photo stop at the renowned Burj Al Arab Hotel.

This hotel is quite famous for its skydive landing. We clicked some pictures of this grant hotel and moved towards our next location the Jumeirah Mosque. 

4. Jumeirah Mosque- 

Jumeirah Mosque

This beautiful mosque was built in the year 1979. This mosque presents the story of the rich architectural legacy of Islamic religion in the city. The Jumeirah Mosque is constructed beautifully and attracts many tourists every day. 

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5. Visit Golden and Spice Souks- 

Visit Golden and Spice Souks

Exploring the gold souk of Dubai is a lifetime venture for me. Here I see so much gold, platinum, precious stones, and brilliant jewelry all in one place. I was shocked and happy to see the jewelry collection of Souk. Dubai’s reputation for opulence extends to its abundance of precious metals. The city boasts a dazzling array of gold designs showcased in its exquisite jewelry collections, reaffirming its status as a haven for luxury and sophistication. 

Netc we went to the spice souk. Here my friend and I see such a collection of spices. We were surprised to see the bizarre spices at each of the stores. We spend some time in this market and collect some information from the shop owners about their collection. The organic species, dry fruit mixture, flavored powders, and other collections of this souk keep us busy for some time. We spoke to the shopkeepers, and they told us that these species are farmed in old Dubia and are carried to the market to dry them and store them. 

6. Ski Dubai- 

Ski Dubai

After visiting Gold Sauk, we move toward Ski Dubai. This place was an incredible experience for all of us. Dubai is quite famous for its pomp and show, and Ski Dubai presents it perfectly. The indoor ski resort at the Mall of the Emirates brought out the kids with us. Here we enjoy tower climbing, ice body slide, black diamond run, and many other fun activities at this center. The Ski experience is unforgettable. 

7. Dubai Mall- 

Dubai Mall

After enjoying Ski Dubai, we come to explore the world’s largest mall, Dubai Mall. This shopping mall has the world’s biggest brand stores in it. The Dubai Mall is one of the most expensive shopping malls in the world. 

8. Dinner at Dubai Dhow Cruise- 

Dinner at Dubai Dhow Cruise

After visiting all the famous landscapes in Dubai, to experience Dubai at night we book a Dhow Cruise dinner. we enter in this dhow cruise. In Dubai, a dhow cruise is, an ancient boat, decorated with lights. Here we eat delicious food and also try Dubai’s famous Tea. After this, we explore Dubai’s ancient side with this dhow cruise and also enjoy traditional belly dance and traditional singing performances. We spent some hours on the dhow cruise and back to the hotel. 

Finally, As our day trip for the dubai day city tour drew to a close, we marveled at how we managed to cover all the desired spots within one day. Since the inception of my Dubai plans, I often pondered how I would explore the entirety of the city in just one day. We were bewildered by the hospitality we obtained from our tour operators “Disha Global Tours”. 

Throughout the day, their patience and politeness were evident, making our experience even more enjoyable and memorable. Me and my friend all are satisfied with the service we received. We wish to choose the same Dubai tour operator every time we visit Dubai. Their services span across the UAE, and they also deliver UAE visa service and we are incredibly grateful to them for bestowing upon us this unforgettable Dubai Day City Tour trip to explore the wonders of Dubai City.

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