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Why Dhow Cruise Dinner is the Most Exciting Thing in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the greatest attractions worldwide. It is one of the most-visited places in the world. The tourism sector of this place is one of the fastest growing industries in current times. From the skyscrapers to the cuisines to its hospitality, Dubai has always been the talk of the town. Dubai has numerous adventurous activities to offer to entertain its visitors across the globe. Over the period, Dubai has evolved from a quiet village-like area to one of the most modern cities across the globe. 

One of the most exciting things, that makes Dubai more interesting is the Dhow cruise Dinner. It is a fun idea for people who want to try something fancy on their Dubai trip. 

Specialty of Dhow Cruise Dinner

Specialty of Dhow Cruise Dinner

The traditional boats were built by the local fishing communities. Now these boats have become luxurious cruises for global visitors for once in a lifetime experience. Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai is an experience of sightseeing the city’s beauty. One can have unexpected city views while enjoying a lavish buffet and live entertainment show. Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai covers the Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina areas for exceptional sightseeing.

It is an unforgettable experience of sightseeing while enjoying the slow music, puppet show, and belly dance. You can book the best cruising trip. The price of the Dhow Cruise Dinner is nearly 50 AED only. You can book comfortable seats to have a day full of fun. 

Top Most Areas for Cruising 

Top Most Areas for Cruising 

Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina are the topmost areas where one can entertain themselves for sightseeing. The mesmerizing views will keep you holding your breath throughout the cruise experience. Let’s explore more what other experiences these areas have to offer.

1. Dubai Creek 

It offers to experience the older areas of the town. It is a desert city where you will find yourself witnessing and cherishing the districts of Dubai Creek. Bur Dubai and Deira districts are on either side of this area. The cruise moves by historic and heritage villages, the National Bank of Dubai, and the Rolex Twin Towers.  The Creek Park has greenery spaces where one can enjoy some quiet time.

2. Dubai Marina 

This area of Dubai will leave you spellbound as it consists of the famous 7-star hotels Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeira. Dubai Marina has many architectural elements and skyscrapers that mark the attraction of Dubai. Dhow Cruise Dubai lets you witness the modernity of the city and skyscrapers.  

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Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Your Exciting Dhow Cruise Dinner

Exciting Dhow Cruise Dinner

1. Crowd-free Trip 

Dubai is the hub of visitors. People across nations visit Dubai to have a sight of its beautiful buildings and skyscrapers. Tourism in Dubai now is at its peak which makes it important to witness Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai when the number of visitors is few. It is important to inquire about the dates and whether they are available or not. Visit in less crowded months of tourism that is before October and after March. 

2. Evening Cruise 

Evening Cruise would be a good idea for sightseeing in Dubai. The evening city lights add more attraction and double the joy of  Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. The slow music, tall buildings, and good cuisine make it a memorable experience. 

Things You Will Enjoy in Dhow Cruise Dubai  

Enjoy Dhow Cruise in Dubai  

The impressive Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai has a lot to offer. From historical architecture to modern skyscrapers, there are many options to have a mesmerizing sightseeing view. Let’s explore more about this luxurious dinner.

1. Giant Architectures 

Not only tall buildings but this cruise dinner will make you go back in time as you will pass through old souks in the Dubai Creek area. This contrasting journey of modern and traditional aspects of Dubai will lead to a memorable memory. 

2. Top Class Dining 

The lip-smacking buffet will tickle your taste buds to the core. This luxurious dinner will have a variety of cuisines to choose from. One can also have the delicious taste of a BBQ buffet. 

3. Unforgettable Entertainment 

One can also book a Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai for a private party and can also customize the deals and offers as per their needs and requirements. The entertainment quotient involves puppet shows, dances, magic shows, and Classical LED Tanoura. 

4. Relaxation from Hectic Routine 

To have a good quality time, one can dive into the amazing experience of this vibrant city. The good food and slow music add to the soothing relaxation experience. One can witness the beauty of this city with friends and family to have a good holiday experience.  

5. A Novel Experience

It is a good idea to cherish traditional transport like dhow with a modern touch of luxury. Made by local fishing communities is now used for grand and luxurious parties to have ultimate fun. It’s a great way to witness paradise on Earth.


Dubai is an excellent destination for a holiday across the globe. It is a royal city that has numerous activities to offer through which a person can get a relaxed holiday experience. From a single person to a large group, this is one of the best experiences in life for everyone. Also, the whole city is a picture-perfect spot to have the best clicks of your life. Dhow Cruise Dubai lets the visitors experience charm and have a beautiful memory of their lives.  

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