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Desert Adventure Experience With Dune Bashing Buggy Or Quad Bike

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When it comes to Dubai the foremost thing that invokes the mind is extravagance. That is why it draws the wealthiest from across the world to indulge and relish everything money can conceivably bring. But, Dubai also provides plenty to those money-conscious, along with the wealthy class. When it has acquired fame because of its abundance of appeals, one thing that lures tourists from all hikes of life is the desert experience. No surprise Dubai is the first pick for everyone with an adventure in their veins to bathe in desert experience tourism. Apply for your Dubai visa and explore the amazing desert adventure with dune bashing.

One of the best souvenirs you will take far from your trip to the United Arab Emirates is a trip to the Dubai desert. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the Lahbab Desert’s breathtaking sceneries and capture some gorgeous sunset shots over the sand dunes. However, if you want to see this location from a totally new perspective and experience a little adventure.

There are many quirky excursions you can relish in the desert of Dubai. Despite you ought to book the desert safari with a respected regional tour agency. Varying on your age and medical circumstances, you are provided a selection between camel riding and dune bashing. If adrenaline and adventures are not your stuff, you can go camel riding which is an uneventful activity participating in which you can admire at the location of Dubai’s stunning desert scenery. And if you desire to put yourself into daring and thrilling activities, then go for dune bashing. In fact, no desert safari Dubai excursion is finished without dune bashing.

What is Dune Bashing?

Dune bashing is an exciting and exhilarating activity in which you are taken for a ride in an SUV all across the sand dunes. A qualified driver on the wheel will take you on a thrill ride of a lifetime as he takes you through the sand dunes with speed and riding on the ascending and falling dunes. The pace with curves and twistings on the shifting sand dunes will make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster.

Perfect Ways To Relish Dune Bashing

Quad Biking

A quad bike is used to ride on the sand dunes while wearing a helmet, safety gear, and goggles. Your all-terrain bike will be operated by an expert on the sandy terrain with your assistance. A quad bike ride in the desert is a great way to enjoy motorsports. Perhaps you can ride the bike all by yourself if you’re comfortable and confident. By slamming the accelerator, you can sense the exhilaration of speeding through the arid landscape.

Sand Skiing

If you think skiing can only be done on ice, then you need to try sand skiing. Exhilaration will be similar to ice skiing. You will wear specially made skates for sand skiing. From high-rise sand dunes, you will begin on the skates and glide down with speed while climbing uphill on the other side. You will have a great time sand skiing alone, unlike dune bashing in an SUV. If you’re new to ice skating or have a lot of experience, you will be given safety guidelines before the journey begins.

Dune Buggy

Dune buggy rides are a great way to confront a sandy landscape by yourself. Ride a powerful 1500 cc vehicle on this thrilling adventure. Despite being so powerful, the dune buggy is safe and trustworthy to ride on the sand dunes. It is meant to guarantee optimal safety for the driver. To make it safer and more exciting, schedule the dune buggy trip with a renowned tour operator.


There is no need to go on snow-clad hills for snowboarding while you can do it on the sand dunes as well. Yes, this amazing activity is a vital component of dune bashing that you may relish with the Dubai desert trip. This intense board sport has achieved great vogue among visitors. You will stand on a board and ride up and down across a sand dune. But standing on the panel strapped or loose, you can relish this sport fibbing down on the belly or back as well.

Best Time To Visit

In the morning if you are short on time or can’t face the heat. This varies a bit on the schedule you have throughout your stay. For example, if you are going to spend only a few days in the city the ideal alternative is to choose a morning schedule as the excursions start early and last approximately 4 hours, so that when you return you will have the whole afternoon free to do other things you have pending in the city.

But if you plan to spend more time in Dubai and the heat does not matter to you, in our view, the knowledge of visiting the Lahbab desert and operating a quad bike in this breathtaking sea of reddish sand is much more global if you select an afternoon schedule as the excursion is longer and you do a lot of other activities such as dune-bashing in 4×4, sandboarding, belly dancing, a camel ride or photography in traditional Arabian costumes among others.

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