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All you need to know about Dubai Desert Camping In 2022

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Camping can be fun, especially in deserts and remote beaches. There are numerous places for camping in Dubai for campers to satisfy their desires. The tranquility of these places is bound to leave you amazed and a myriad of fantasies. Delve into the tranquility in Dubai desert camping in 2022 which provides a wide range of exploration into the culture of golden sands, the dazzling desert, and the rich heritage in the city. Dubai is focused on the glittering skies and stunning sands with which you can experience amazing adventures.

No matter you are here with your family or loved ones, this destination is awe-inspiring and offers a variety of amazing activities. It has a rich heritage and a plethora of thrilling adventures this place is waiting for you with all of its arms and a variety of unforgettable adventures.

Best Places For Dubai Desert Camping In 2022

1. Al Qudra Lakes

One of the most popular camping spots in Dubai, the Al Qudra Lakes has become quite popular with tourists. They are the perfect camping spot for families with children. It can also serve as a great escape from the hectic Dubai cities. The lake’s banks are ideal to relax and meditate. You can observe a variety of wildlife species at this location as the lake has been home to more than 26 recognized reptile species. In addition, 360 birds species were observed in the area and 158 of them are migration-based. You can expect to wake up to delicious chirps of hungry birds waiting for a meal.

2. Fujairah Beach

It is a great choice to go camping on a weekday (since it is incredibly overcrowded during weekend days), Fujairah Beach is perfect for novice campers. The conditions for camping are not too difficult and demanding. Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort is situated within a convenient distance, which eases the burdens of campers. You can get a delicious breakfast at the hotel if you are unsure about cooking at home.

To make things easier you can also purchase the day pass and make use of the facilities of the hotel. The primary benefit of this kind of camp is an unforgettable experience taking an easy bath in the early morning. The less salty water with a cool temperature and mountains surrounding are guaranteed to make for a memorable time with nature.

3. Al Dhafra Beach

The beach is located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, Al Dhfra Beach is among the most beautiful desert camping spots located in Dubai. It is possible to camp comfortably in the middle of the ocean, where you may spot turtles, as well as other sea life close to the beach. Al Dhafra Beach is an excellent place to enjoy water sports such as diving, kayaking, and snorkeling aside from camping within the Dubai desert. Al Dhafra is one of the most beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi. It is also possible to take a go in fishing here and enjoy delicious grilled fish or a snapper cooked on your BBQ grill.

4. Hajar mountains

The Hajar mountains are scattered evenly across Oman as well as UAE. It is among the best locations to go to in Dubai to go camping. Be sure to bring the appropriate hiking and trekking equipment to be able to hike before you can find the ideal spot to set up your camp. Hajar mountains are among the most tranquil desert spots to camp in Dubai with breathtaking views to take in. The Hajar mountains camping experience is popular with experienced campers who have been on mountain treks before.

5. White Sand Beach

Campers lovers can enjoy the coastline in Oman. The white sand beach lies between Fins along with Wadi Shab. This is an ideal spot to set up your tent or camp in a stunning diff on top of an unspoiled beach. You will be able to take in the stunning views and hear the sound of waves as you lay down looking up at the stars at night. White Sand Beach is also ideal for people who enjoy water sports such as paddle boarding diving, snorkeling, as well as fishing from the Emerald pools.

6. Umm Al Quwain Beach

The Umm Al Quwain beach is one of the most popular campsites for tourists visiting Dubai. The beach itself provides many opportunities that range from relaxing and fun to adventurous deeds. It is also possible to visit traditional fishing villages after the camping arrangements are created. The village is frequented by flamingos as well as various other wild birds. For those who are looking for adventure, you can explore the mangroves along the coastline with a kayak. Another excellent option for men who want to visit with their family members can be the Dreamland Aqua Park. It is a wonderful place to enjoy fun family activities.

Essentials When You Camping In Dubai

In addition to the specific things to be kept here know the few more amenities that you should not leave out when camping in Dubai food items such as water, torch batteries, first-aid kits, blankets, warm clothes, batteries tents, an additional set of clothes, equipment for trekking.

We believe that these locations to camp in Dubai will be enough to provide a little more space for your travels. As it seems, you’ll enjoy a wonderful time watching the stars, listening to waves crashing and singing along with yourself for one or two days during your holiday.

Best Time To Visit Dubai Desert Safari

The ideal time for a trip to Dubai is between the middle of November until early December. It is also possible to visit Dubai during the initial part of March too. If you’re looking to solely take advantage of camping in the deserts of Dubai the entire time period from March to September is ideal for a vacay.

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