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5 Things You Must Do at The Dubai Dolphinarium

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Dubai is an enthralling destination to visit because of its lavish nature. One of these experiences is the Dubai Dolphinarium. It is a huge construction that covers 1.25 acres and is air-conditioned. Similar to the other attractions in Dubai This is complete family fun. There are six famous bottlenose dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium, fur seals, and several exotic parrot species too. Let’s review the things the dolphinarium can provide and how to make the most of them.

Here Know The Things to do at Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin and Seal Show

The Dubai Dolphinarium features an arena-style seating and a Pool in the middle similar to an amphitheater. You can see Dolphins performing various actions upon commands, dancing, juggling, and then playing ball. It will surely leave you amazed. There are six bottlenose dolphins. Each has a name. They are named after the Dolphins. include Kyushu, Jerry, Tetka, Fekla, Kai, and Elvis. Alongside the Dolphins there is the chance to witness some rare fur seals, as well. The show lasts 45 minutes. show.

The seating arrangement includes an exclusive section in the middle and a regular section that surrounds it in an arch. The benefit of taking seats at the top of the line is it is close to the pool and there’s no better location in the area to view this. Tickets are not a priority when they are based on the time of arrival. No specific queues are set. Get a seat at the head of the line in the VIP area. If not, at minimum, sit close to the seats reserved for VIPs in the regular section for better views.

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

Creek Park hosts the only bird show in Dubai It’s worth a visit. Creek Park is a sanctuary for over 20 varieties of parrots, as well as exotic birds. They are trained to amaze visitors with their tricks as well as their interactions with the visitors. Buy tickets now to see their tricks, including the Blue and Gold Macaws, Green Winged Macaws Eclectus Parrots, and the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Sun Conures, African Grey, and the Hornbills with the red-colored crest in the action.

Swimming and Meet & Greet with Dolphins

Dolphin Planet Dubai hosts this event. As the title suggests, however, you will be able to swim and play with dolphins on this Dubai Dolphinarium platform. Every aspect of your interaction with them at the poolside is conducted under the watchful eye of trained trainers. The active nature of these gorgeous species and their intelligence will result in energy in the area that can’t be described in words. It will be felt only when you’re there. If you’re hoping to splash around with the adorable creatures, you have to pick between a knee-deep shallow-water experience or the deep-water swimming. If you are who are looking for a thrilling dolphin encounter it is a unique opportunity to enjoy a swim with these beautiful animals.

Mirror Maze

Do you want to test yourself in a maze of fun? If so, this maze at Dubai Dolphinarium is ideal for you. When you’re in the labyrinth it’s a real challenge to find the exit point or direction towards the exit. This is due to the confusing labyrinth of massive mirrors that are the size of a wall. It’s a great idea for a family trip particularly if you have children.


Did you think trampolines are only for kids? The trampoline park in Dubai Dolphinarium is fun for everyone of all ages, particularly youngsters. It’s a great way to let off steam for some hours while jumping on the trampoline at the Dubai Dolphinarium. It is among the first indoor trampoline places within the UAE and certainly one of the tops! Before you begin to fly against the force of the trampoline sheet a safety instruction is given.

To Sum Up The Major Points

It is a place where all ages are able to have fun and find in such a way that it is only 10 minutes to drive from the city’s center. It is a chance to play with incredible creatures You can definitely snap some pictures to use in your Instagram postings. In addition to the main feature of dolphin shows it offers additional amenities like the mirror maze, trampoline park, and 5D/7D cinema to make it a unique experience.