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2 Months UAE Visa

In case you’re going to Dubai and making an application for 2 months UAE visa for single or multiple entries, then ensure to get the visa costs and the process to get it. Via is a vital document for visiting distinct nations. Without complete investigation and personal information verification, the visa isn’t granted to the individual which can hinder travel. Hence, this becomes essential to procedure visa application with trusted services to make sure a trouble-free experience that saves so much hassle, money, and time.

Dubai visa processing is strict and rigid. For 2 months UAE visa is legal for 58 days from the issuance date and one can live in the country for overall 2 months from the entry date into the nation. Usually, individuals who wish to reside longer in the country to visit family or friends for business work, for attending fairs or seminars, or only for travel objectives apply for this kind of UAE visa. Disha Global Tours is a licensed agency that is very helpful for applying for a visa for foreign citizens.

Apply for 2 Months UAE Visa

Authorized travel agencies and hotels in the country can prepare a visa for you given you buy the ticket through them and sustain hotel reservations with the particular hotel.

You can connect with Disha Global Tours for any visa packages obtainable to the United Arab Emirates in cooperation with us.

You can choose both online and physical payment ways for application for 2 months UAE visa. Some simple steps you have to make to make sure of a smooth experience.

  1. Fill online form for a visa application
  2. Send essential documents by mail to us
  3. Pay the required cost

Optionally you can choose bank transfer or cash deposit and physically hand over the essential papers to our experts. The same can stand completed through email and phone and our agents will assist and guide you to accomplish the procedure.

Documents Required for 2 Months UAE Visa

There are many documents that you have to submit for a 2 months UAE visa. Disha Global Tours is able to manage your documentation procedure properly.

The documents you have to arrange are –

  1. Legal passport and copy of the first and last page of the passport. The legality of the passport must stand for around 2 months.
  2. Color photo of passport with white background
  3. A confirmed return air ticket
  4. Hotel booking documents in case no guarantor
  5. In the case of any guarantor, its passport copy and proof of residence are essential

This is to stand to make sure that none of the compulsory or supporting documents are blurred which can cause the rejection of a visa. Disha Global Tours is a reputed agency, that will help you in arranging your documents as per visa requirements. applications can stand processed online and must stand completed 2 months before flying.

The Cost of 2 Months UAE visa

The price of 2 monthly UAE visa is decided on several aspects, comprising the needs and eligibility of the applicant. The applicant should fill in the personal information and visa needs before starting the process of visa application. For the applications to stand processed, the applicant should present the application form as well as the right documents and make the payment of the needed cost for the visa.

The charge for a visa is decided on the sort of visa, the duration of living, the entry plan, and the validity of the visa. Moreover, the way of payment, exclusive services, and other aspects can have a direct effect on the visa cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On 2 Months UAE Visa

Is there a 2 Months UAE Visa?

Yes, there is a 2 months UAE visa, you can apply for this visa with the support and assistance of Disha Global Tours easily and smoothly.

What is 2 Months UAE Visa?

This visa is also known as 60 days visa for UAE. You are able t reside in the country for 60 days.

Can I get a 2 Months Visa for UAE?

If you complete the eligibility criteria and the essential needs demanded by the VISA rules of the UAE, you can apply for 2 months UAE visa. Disha Global Tours agency will guide you on the same.

How much are 2 months visit visa in Dubai?

As per some sources, the cost of 2 months UAE visa is approx. Dh 1,495. Disha Global Tours will guide you on the precise cost of a UAE visa as per your needs.

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