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Visa Change Inside the Country

Once you visit the paradise on earth, you might not want to get out of it. Going back to your dull morbid lives is not a very appealing task. We at Disha Global Tours understand this, that is why we offer you our expertise through our visa change inside the country services.

Visiting UAE and wanting to extend your visa is a common task. Our team of experts will always have your back here!

Visa change service is for anyone and everyone looking to extend their stay here in the UAE. Be it stay with your family, or an extension of your employment visa, at Disha Global Tours, we believe in providing you quick and convenient solutions to such issues. You can avail our services through either means – airport to airport visa change services or go to Oman to get the changes done.

Visa Change Inside the Country

Oman Visa Change
Price: AED 800*

Oman Visa Change

The Oman Visa Change facility is one of the visa change inside the country services introduced by Disha Global Tours in UAE. This service is for the people who are looking forward to extending/renewing their tourist visa or for the people who are willing to go to Oman and wait for an extension on their employment visa.

Oman visa change service by Disha Global tours is one of the most popular services that people avail. Widely used by Indian nationals, this service is availed during the few remaining days of their existing visa, during which they go to Oman and wait for an extension on their original visa. This usually takes about 2 – 3 days, at the most.

Once your visa is extended/renewed, Disha Global Tours will help you arrange your journey back to Dubai via bus so you can continue your wonderful journey again.

At Disha Global, this service includes –

  • Your renewed/extended visa
  • A return journey via bus
  • Extension of your visa for desired number of days (30/90)

Airport to Airport visa change service

The Airport to Airport Visa Change Service is another visa change inside the country services. Even another great option to renew or extend your visa is by making necessary changes through the Airport to Airport visa change services, in which Disha Global Tours is going to be your proud partner.

This option can be availed through flights, wherein you simply have to fly to the nearest UAE country. Once you reach the nearest country, you only have to enter the departure terminal of the other country without having to actually exit the airport. From there you can again travel back to UAE.

Once you come back the UAE, you can get your extended Visa, either for 30 days or for 90, whichever option suits you.

The option is availed by people of all nationalities.

This service can be used for the following reasons by different people –

  • To get a new tourist visa for Dubai (extended stay)
  • Changing visa status to an Employment Visa
  • Changing status of a cancelled residence visa to a tourist visa

Airport to Airport Visa change Package( Same Day)

Airport to airport visa change service
Price: AED 1300

You can avail more visa change services inside the country with Disha Global Tours. Check out our – | 30 Days Visa Change Package | 90 Days VIsa Change Package, all  Visa change without exit.

Above Visa change services are best option for you.  if you want to extend your days in UAE.

Note: Above mentioned all visa change services are with some terms and conditions. So please review all terms and conditions before applying for them or you can directly reach us at +971-529714983

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