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Summer Holiday Packages

Summer Holiday Packages

Although Dubai is one of the hottest destinations in summer, it is an amazing go-to place for summer activities. With an extensive array of things to do in summer, one can quickly get an outlet from the high warmth and make their holidays here unforgettable. Whether you would prefer to spend your summer vacation in Dubai entertaining in a wide range of adventure activities with your family, or you want to sanctify your holiday to an immeasurable amount of beach time and nature.

Our best Dubai summer holiday packages offer you an amazing experience. Dealing with the summer heat in Dubai for most tourists is not nearly as difficult as it might seem. The city is filled with loads of fun indoor and outdoor activities you can get up to during the Dubai summer months.

3 Star Holidays Packages


Our 3-star holiday packages in Dubai will provide you an outstanding experience. Then, unwind with the ultimate family-savvy 3-star holiday package. Every Dubai holiday package is a curated collection of experiences put together by the travel professionals at Disha Global Tours.

Dubai is one of those holiday destinations that does not allow you to sit still. Between its malls, theme parks, and beaches, many activities will keep you busy on your Dubai holiday. While most of the activities can be done without venturing outside, some cannot be contained indoors.

4 Star Holiday Packages


If you are planning to explore Dubai, then book our 4-star holiday packages as they will offer you a fabulous Dubai tour experience. Book your 4 nights and 5 days holiday package to enjoy with your family or friends.

You can book this holiday package and get unforgettable experiences of the golden city of Dubai. Take a look at these amazing Dubai packages, created, provided, and curated for the adventurer, wanderer, and lover of travel in you. Opt for the ones of multiple days if you want to explore the place more closely, or go for the day tours of Dubai if you want to enjoy all that place to provide, one experience of a lifetime. Book your trip with us, and you would always find reasons to come back right here.

5 Star Holiday Packages


With Disha Global Tours, book now the ultimate 5 nights and 6 days Dubai holiday package. This fabulous holiday package will not just get to visit this amazing destination however also get to have precious time with your loved ones. Dubai has a desire for the fabulous, with skylines that glow like lanterns against barren desert backdrops. Visitors from across the globe gathering to this sparkling spring to make the most of their Dubai tour.

If you think Dubai is just about extravagant malls and man-made skyscrapers, then you are highly mistaken as this destination is also adorned with so many wonderful beaches. Disha Global Tours is one of the leading tour and travel company in Dubai offers the best holiday packages.