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Tourist Visa Services

Disha Global Tourist Visa Services The leaders in travel and tourism industry in UAE are proud to assist you and your family in your fun-fill fascinating trip to the queens of the Emirates! With Disha Global Tours’ Visa Services you get a hassle free experience while planning your vacation here…


Dubai Dolphinarium

ABOUT DOLPHINARIUM The happiest and the most amazing place in Dubai – the Dubai Dolphinarium awaits you and your family. A day spent with loved ones and dolphins is surely a day well spent! The Dubai Dolphinarium is beautiful, fun, and positive. The presence of dolphins is surely going to…


Burj Khalifa Tour

ABOUT BURJ KHALIFA An hour long expedition into the world’s tallest and the most exceptional architectural wonder – the Burj Khalifa is the one thing you are going to absolutely fall in love with. You will have enough time to not just explore the infrastructure, but to loosen up and…

Big Bus Tour

Big Bus Tours

ABOUT BIG BUS TOUR Dubai, as we know it, is an amalgamation of culture and modernity. It is the best of both worlds! What better way to explore the nooks and crannies of Dubai than hopping on the Big Bus? A seat on the famous Big Bus will take you…

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