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Best things to do in Dubai under your budget

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Travelling to Dubai, and want to extend your stay but afraid of crowd and budget?

Let’s leave behind the most common places in Dubai like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dhow Cruise, Dubai Shopping Festival, etc. Today we are discussing how to get away from the crowds from these places.

Choose accommodation as per your interest

Dubai being one of the best tourist place in the world has various options available. Instead of hotels, you can go for local accommodations like neighborhood condos, stay in penthouses,

Dubai is known for various things like a number of tourist places, hotels, Dubai Marina Walk, Dubai Dolphinarium, etc. Also if you want a good night’s sleep go and opt for private rooms. If you are thinking to choose any of these options just contact us, we have almost all options available.

One most important thing to consider while choosing your accommodation, is to choose nearby Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa or other tourist places so that you can get access to many modes of transport.

Lesser Known places means less Crowd:

Choose some of the hidden places in Dubai like Al Mamzar Beach Park, Al Serkal Avenue, The Coffee Museum, XVA Art Hotel. These are the places which most tourists in Dubai don’t prefer due to shortage of time and holiday packages, so they have fewer crowds than at most common places in Dubai.

Dubai’s Sizzling NightLife

When you are on Dubai holidays Nightlife in Dubai is one of the biggest attraction for tourists. You will see a thousand colors this city unfolds as soon as the sunsets.  Either dancing on disco lights or listening to the melody of calm ocean waves will refresh your mind and make you feel better.

Indulge in Emirati Cuisine

Traveling Dubai and wondering what is on the menu for you?

Dubai Cuisine has a combination of Arabian, Iranian, and Lebanese Food. Doesn’t matter you are a foodie or not, you can’t ignore the delicious flavors of Dubai Cuisine.

If you are non-vegetarian

You may like  Manousheh a local pizza in Dubai, Iranian Sangak for bread lovers, Chelo Kebab best food in Dubai, AI Harees, AI Machboos

If you are vegetarian

You may like Tabbouleh, Kausa Mahshi, Shirin Polo, Baba Ganoush, Fatteh, Kellaj- A bread filled with halloumi cheese and grilled charcoal, Falafel- a deep-fried ball or patty, Fattaoush – a healthy diet.

If you are street food lover

These days more and more people are open up to street food.  This is simple and within budget. We have selected some street food items for you. Sheesh, Tawook – traditional Kebab, Lahem BI Ajin – best in town, Taboon Bread – famous old Palestinian bread.

If you are Desert Lover

Every meal is incomplete if it doesn’t include a dessert food item. So we have shortlisted a few famous dessert items. Mahalabiya – favourite among the people, Luqaimat – Popular desert during the months of Ramadan, Knafeh – known as a queen of Arabian Deserts, Khanfaroosh – best desert in Dubai.

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