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A Guide to 6 Recent Updates in UAE Visit Visas

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By delivering the best business opportunities, a growing economy, and restructuring its entry and residency process, the UAE is steadily advancing towards becoming a premier destination for employment, investment, entrepreneurship, education, and quality of life. In the UAE, new visit visa regulations were accomplished as the government eased Covid-19 pandemic rules. Before the imposition of stricter travel restrictions amid the pandemic, the UAE government permitted visit visa extensions from within the country. The recent updates in UAE visit visas, and new regulations, which took effect in December, forbid the extension of visit visas from within the nation and approved that tourists who want to stay longer in the city leave the nation and return. 

However, tourists have the option to benefit from a system that permits same-day visa status changes or traveling to a neighboring country of the UAE while awaiting their new visas. It is begin that travelers from specific nations may enter the UAE and gain an entry visa at the airport permitted to stay for up to 30 days, according to the UAE Ministry of Economy. A visa offering a maximum stay of 90 days is accessible to citizens of other countries.

So, in this blog, let’s delve into the six recent modifications the UAE has implemented concerning visit visas.

1. No extension for a Visit Visa from Within the Country

No extension for Visit Visa from Within the Country

Under the new visit visa regulations, holders of visit visas are not authorized to modify or extend their visas beyond the specified period within the UAE. Visitors seeking to extend their stay in the country must depart the UAE and then re-enter on a new UAE visit visa. The visit visa holders were required to exit the UAE once their visa expired and re-come with a new visit visa to increase their stay allowed in the country, but the rules were modified during the COVID lockdown. During the pandemic, travel became challenging, prompting the UAE to modify requirements on humanitarian grounds to alleviate the situation.

Recently, the immigration Department announced that the extension of the visit visa without exiting the country has been stopped. It was an entry visa within the country, so people were not required to leave the UAE for a visa extension. The new visa extension rules launched like same-day extension visas. 

2. The Rise in the Fee

The Rise in the Fee

The fee for giving Emirates IDs and the cost of UAE visas have been raised. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP), the fee applies to all types of UAE and Dubai tour visas, with 60 and 30 day tourist visas and residence visas, and has now risen by AED 100. The cost of renewing an Emirates ID (varying by the number of years renewed) has increased from AED 270 to AED 370, while the price of a one-month visit visa now stands at AED 270, down from the previous AED 370.

3. Five-Year Multiple Entry Visa

Five-Year Multiple Entry Visa

One of the prime modifications in the new UAE visa rules is that, with the five-year multiple-entry visa, visitors can enter the UAE multiple times without the need for a sponsor and stay in the country for 90 days during each visit. This also encompasses a 90-day visa extension, allowing for an additional 90-day stay. 

A five-year multiple entry visa allowed families residing outside the country to explore and spend extended periods with their loved ones in the UAE. Visitors applying for a multiple-entry visa must furnish additional documents, which include bank statements for the past six months, demonstrating a minimum balance of AED 14692 or its equivalent in other foreign currencies, along with proof of accommodation, flight tickets, UAE health insurance, and other relevant documents.

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4. Overstay Fine

Overstay Fine

Visitors who spend a lot of time on their visit visa, are required to pay the overstay fine and buy an out-pass or existing permission before leaving the UAE. This applies to travelers departing from Dubai. Visitors departing from other emirates do not require an outpass.

5. Entrance Permission to Visit Family and Friends

Entrance Permission to Visit Family and Friends

The new Dubai tour visas rules that a visitor can make an application for such as a permit if he or she is a relative of a UAE resident or citizen, and this procedure does not need, to go through a travel agent. 

6. 60-Days Visas Recommenced

60-Days Visas Recommenced

Once again, the UAE government permits the 60-day visit visa. Those who want to explore the UAE can now, get 30- day and 60-day visas

Get your Visa and Explore the Country

The new rules and regulations for visa and entry, launched by the UAE government have made visiting the UAE considerably easier. Contemplation that the 60-day visa is now available, you may now easily visit Dubai and explore other emirates also. Making a plan to visit Dubai is amazing and full of adventure, but modifying rules sometimes creates problems for tourists. By taking help from any trusted and experienced visa provider or travel agency, like Disha Global Tours, deliver the best visa services in Dubai. Deliver you peace of mind. Having the assurance that you’re covered against unforeseen events can contribute to a more comfortable and pleasant travel adventure.

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