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How to Apply and Get a Work/Employment Visa in Dubai

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Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ largest city and is a great place to do business. Because of its developing economy, and the relative ease of getting a work visa for foreign workers who are ready to move, Dubai will be a great location. If you are wondering how to apply for and get a work/employment visa in Dubai then here we mention a complete guide for you. This will help you get your visa quickly and easily.

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You must consider the type of visa that you will need when moving to a country. You can apply for a visa to allow you to enter Dubai. However, only certain types of visas will permit you to legally work in the Emirates.

What is a Dubai Work/ Employment Visa?

Dubai Employment Visa

A work/ employment visa in Dubai is a permit that allows international residents to work for a specified period. You can apply for a 60-day work visa to enter the UAE to work or do business. You must apply for and obtain a residency and employment visa from your UAE employer during this time. These are usually issued for two more years. The rules applicable to different nationalities may vary.

Who is Eligible for a Work/ Employment Visa in Dubai?

Who is Eligible for a Work Visa

All international residents over 18 years old can work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) provided they meet the requirements of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The UAE does not have a maximum age limit for employment, but the company will pay higher fees for those over 65.

According to their academic qualifications/skillset, international workers can be divided into three groups:

Category 1: You have at least a bachelor’s degree

Category 2: If your post-secondary diploma is in any field

Category 3: If you have a high school diploma

Documents Required for Work/Employment Visa in Dubai

Documents Required for Work visa

You will need many supporting documents when applying for a work/employment visa in the UAE.

  • A copy of your passport and your original passport
  • In accordance with UAE requirements, a passport-sized picture
  • Copies of your academic qualifications.
  • A UAE-approved health center issues a medical certificate.
  • Sponsring’s current trade license

Procedure For Entry Permit And Work Visa In Dubai

Procedure For Entry Permit And Work Visa In Dubai
  • The Minstry of Labor will approve you to apply for a Dubai work permit. This must be applied for by the employer on behalf of their employee. This must be completed before the employee can enter the UAE.
  • After getting an approval receipt, the Ministry of Labor will issue Entry Permit that will permit the applicant to legally enter Dubai. The entry permit is valid for two months from the date it was issued and allows the applicant to legally stay in Dubai for 30 days.
  • Once the worker has arrived in the country, they must begin the process of applying for a labor card. The government issues an ID card for free zone employment. Both labor cards and ID cards can be used for two years. The applicant must apply for a residence permit within 60 days of entering the country.
  • Once all of the steps have been completed, the applicant must now visit the Emirates ID Service Center with the appropriate form, your passport, and a valid entry permit.
  • The employer can now apply to the Immigration Authorities for a residence visa. The employer must visit any government hospital for their medical examination.
  • Once the medical results have been received, the applicant can visit the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai with all necessary documents and receive the visa stamp on their passport.

How Long Is A Work/ Employment Visa In Dubai Valid?


A work visa, when you first get it is valid for 30 days and can be extended for another 30. This offers you 60 days to stay in the country. During this time, you and your employer must arrange for a residence visa or Emirates ID and your Labour card.

This visa, along with the labor card, allows you to legally live and work in the UAE. UAE residence visas can be issued for either 1, 2, or 3 years depending on your reasons for travel and the discretionary of the UAE authorities.

How Can Disha Global Tours Help?

How Can Disha Global Tours Help

Disha Global Tours is a reliable and trustworthy visa service provider in UAE. The company provides a hassle-free, superior Dubai visa service. This includes meticulous preparation, submission, and return in the shortest possible time. Disha Global Tours’ visa services are the fastest, most convenient, and most accepted in Dubai and UAE.

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