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Dubai, UAE Visa for Indonesian Nationality 2023 Guide

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When it comes to travel planning, visa processing often becomes a major concern for travelers. Numerous questions arise regarding whether a visa is required to visit a specific country, the type of visa needed, and the application procedure. If you’re considering a trip to Dubai and wondering about visa requirements, it’s important to check if your Indonesian nationality is listed under the Dubai Visa-exempt countries.

Particularly, travelers traveling to Dubai will have to obtain to apply for a UAE visa. While citizens of GCC countries and around 33 other nations are exempt from Dubai visa requirements, individuals from countries like Indonesia are not included in this list.

Therefore, Indonesians planning to visit Dubai must obtain a valid UAE visa before their arrival. Fortunately, the visa application process is relatively simple, and with the assistance of a UAE visa expert, you can navigate through the process smoothly without any complications.

Discover How Indonesian Nationals Can Conveniently Apply for a UAE visa and Ensure a Hassle-free Process

Step 1. Identify the type of Dubai visa required For Indonesian

To simplify the process of obtaining a UAE Visa for Indonesian nationals, it is essential to understand the specific type of visa required based on the intent and time of the trip. For tourism or social visits, a Dubai tourist visa is necessary, while business-related activities necessitate a visit visa.

There are various categories of Dubai visas available, allowing visitors to choose the one that aligns with their travel purpose and duration of stay. If you are not sure about the most appropriate visa for your journey plans, seeking a recommendation from a visa specialist is suggested. The application process remains the same for Dubai transit visas as well.

Step 2. Documents required for Dubai visa For Indonesian

Once you have been assigned the proper visa type, the following step is to complete an online visa form and present all the crucial documents for visa action. The essential documents required include:


You must have a passport authorized for at least 6 months prior to your arrival in Dubai and a blank passport page. Passports are not accepted.

Online Visa Application Form:

The online Dubai Tour Visa application form must be filled out completely and accurately, with all mandatory information provided and duly signed.

UAE Visa Photo Size Requirement:

Photographs meeting the size specifications of 35 mm x 45 mm, assumed on a plain white backdrop. Avoid wearing spectacles, sunglasses, masks, hats, scarves, or any headgear that obscures facial features, except for religious headgear that does not hide the face. The photographs should be clear and undamaged.

Proof of Finance:

Provide proof of finance, such as bank statements, demonstrating sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the trip.

Proof of Exit and Accommodation:

Include authorized return flight tickets and details of housing during your visit to Dubai. Ensure that the booked flights have entry and exit points only through Dubai Airport.

In accumulation to the noted documents, there may be extra needs depending on the type of travel to Dubai:

Personal Visits (Visiting Relatives or Families):

If you are visiting relatives or family members in Dubai, you may need to provide the host’s passport copies, a resident page, a cover letter, or a guarantee letter from the host. It might also be essential to show proof of a relationship with the host.

Official Visits (Attending Meetings and Exhibitions):

For official visits, such as attending meetings or exhibitions, you may need to provide a company cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit, a host company invitation letter, or the host’s resident permit. Additionally, a copy of the host’s passport may be needed for validation objectives.

These additional details and documents ensure that your Dubai visa application aligns with the specific purpose of your travel, whether it is for personal or official reasons. Make sure to check the requirements and provide all the necessary information to facilitate a smooth visa-processing experience for your trip to Dubai.

Step 3. Duration of visa processing

After submitting the visa application and required documents, the processing time for a Dubai visa is typically around 3 to 5 working days. It’s essential to mention that this time does not include Fridays, Saturdays, and UAE holidays. To allow sufficient processing time, Dubai tourists should apply for a Dubai visa at least 4 working days in advance but no more than 2 months before their intended travel date.

Applicants can follow the situation of their visa application using an assigned number provided during the application process. Once the visa is processed and approved, it will be technically developed and mailed to the respective person’s email address. It is important to regularly inspect the given email for updates and notifications regarding the visa status.


Obtaining a UAE visa for Indonesian nationals visiting Dubai is a straightforward process. Choose the appropriate visa type, finish the online form, and present the needed documents. Processing takes 3-5 working days. Apply in advance, track your status, and receive the visa via email. Enjoy a smooth journey to Dubai.