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Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

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Dubai Shopping Festival brings something interesting for everyone. It is an event f festivity, lights, glamour and shopping, adventure and sports, multi-cuisine food, and cosmopolitan culture blends together to create the Dubai shopping Festival. This event takes place every year in Dubai in January month. So if you plan a trip to Dubai, then enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festival 2021 in January. Dubai Shopping Festival is a yearly spectacular with malls ample of discounts/ sales and a city full of recreational possibilities.

Every year millions of visitors ascend to this global city to experience the ultimate shopping escapade. It’s heaven for shoppers, art lovers horizon, kids Disneyland, and food fiesta foodies. Dubai Shopping festival 2021 is starting on 17th Dec 2020 and will last for one month long. The last day of the Dubai shopping festival is 30th Jan 2021. This festival has alone cemented the city of Dubai as one of the world’s best shopping capitals. Dubai Shopping Festival 2020 is beginning even quicker than normal this year, allowing shoppers more of a possibility to get the most suitable bargains in town.

Dubai Shopping Festival is an occasion held over the city. One can see the city filled with offers and deals at discounted prices to attract shoppers. Great sellers or modest shop owners, everyone has special deals to offer. When you are in Dubai, you can feel the shopping bonanza across you. Major places for shopping are the Global village and all the big malls. This festival is a time to lay your hands on massive discounts and fabulous deals as well as take part in the competitors and win prizes. Dubai Festival and Retail Establishments (DFRE) is making the 26th edition of this festival in the most solemn manner that will highlight performances by renowned music stars and also have an additional celebration on New Year’s Eve.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is a month-long retail experience, first discovered in 1996. Over the years, it has served Dubai to gain international attention as one of the world’s major shopping destinations. Dubai shopping festival is also the beneficiary of Guinness World Records. It’s one of the longest-running festivals; it includes irresistible deals, starry performances, and plenty of fabulous events. This festival is a month-long event that offers excellent excitement to visitors. Throughout this time, Dubai city is decorated with lights all over.

The first day of the shopping festival would open with a fabulous display of fireworks and jaw-dropping discounts and freebies, which attract a huge number of visitors to this festival. Dubai Shopping festival changes the city throughout the month-long spectacle with its fireworks pop-up fashion exhibitions, mega sales, and many other activities and entertainment for people of all age groups.

Dubai shopping festival is not only about shopping. There would be in-mall fashion shows, street performances, jugglers, musicians, and other entertainers. There will be live music shows and magicians to keep up the enthusiasm of the festival. The Dubai shopping festival is entirely unique from the other common shopping festivals.

Throughout the Dubai Shopping festival 2021, Dubai’s malls are lined-up with branded jewelry, electronics, clothing, art and crafts, and many more sold at discounted prices. It’s an event where happiness comes from shopping prizes, exciting offers, and irresistible discounts. Here you will come across every type of conceivable item, with most of them being tax-free.

The highlight of the last year’s event is from the powerhouse performance of Liam Payne, Hussain Al Jassmi, John Legend to the outdoor markets captivating fireworks and engaging fashion, which makes Emirates’ most anticipated festival extravagant. This year too, the Dubai Shopping festival 2021 promises to be one of its kind.

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