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Dhow Cruise Dubai – Romantic Trip

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Dubai is a city of surprises; skyscrapers with world-record heights, pristine beaches, enormous shopping malls, and luxury cars define the city of dreams. This culture, however, originates from the Bedouin culture of the Arabian Peninsula, specifically from the tribes which lived along the Dubai Creek. The cultural expressions of that era continue to play a major role in the daily lives of Dubai’s residents. Along with array of thing to do Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai is one of the amazing experience that everyone must have to enjoy.

No other wooden boat is as important as the traditional Dhow, which is a traditional wooden boat created and constructed by local fishermen to guide the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. Dhow cruises are famous for their unique cruising adventures and dining opportunities, sailing through Dubai Creek and the modern Dubai Marina. An experience that you will never forget is sailing past famous landmarks and engaging your taste buds as you relish a fantastic dinner.

What is Dhow?

Additionally, Dhow boats have a rich heritage that makes them one of the most sought-after experiences in Dubai. Dhows, wooden boats sewed together with coconut and palm leaves by fishing communities, were an essential aspect of Dubai’s lifeline throughout history. The boats were used for diving and trading. Dhow cruises have transformed into a popular tourist attraction among visitors to Dubai as they are a mix of conventional practices and contemporary luxury that make Dubai what it is.

Why Go For A Dubai Dhow Cruise?

Dubai is a truly life-changing experience, especially when you experience its prowess in the middle of the desert. A trip to Dubai and all that it has to deliver can be quite precise – from bus tours to helicopter tours, there is something for everyone. Cruising is a popular activity with tourists. Both the Creek and Marina Dhow cruises offer stunning views of the Arab city.

Dubai Creek: As the primary source of livelihood for the local community, Dubai Creek has been integral to the area’s growth. Along either side of the creek are the old city areas of Deira and Bur Dubai, which are dotted with old memorials and markets such as Gold and Spice Souks, the Grand Mosque, the Heritage Village, and the Old Boat Fort.

Dubai Marina: Dubai Marina is the largest man-made marina in the world, built along the Persian Gulf. There are skyscrapers such as Burj Al Arab and Dubai Mall along its banks, making it the tallest building and the largest shopping mall in the world. Various skyscrapers can also be found in the Marina area, comprising the Dubai Marina Mall, the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, and several five-star hotels.

Dhow Cruise Experience in Dubai 

Most dhow cruises dinner in Dubai take place either in Dubai Marina or on the creek. Unlike the ancient lifeline of Dubai, the Dubai Creek, which passes through the old parts of Dubai such as Deira and Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina is a two-mile-long artificial canal city surrounded by some of Dubai’s most impressive skyscrapers.

You are usually welcomed with coffee, dates, and snacks at the pier before you embark on the cruise. You can also book cruises that include hotel pickup and drop-off. A table will be assigned to you when you board the ship. With its glass walls, the air-conditioned dhow allows you to enjoy your dinner while looking out at the sea effortlessly. If you’ve enjoyed your dinner, walk out onto the open deck to enjoy the fresh air.

Both Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek offer plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, as you will be able to see all the major landmarks as you sail past. You can expect an international buffet at dinner prepared to the highest standards. In the dinner itself, you can see how Dubai has a global aspect, with cuisine from all over the world on the menu.

As you enjoy dinner, local artists will perform conventional dances such as belly dance and tanoura. Magicians and puppeteers will also entertain you. A Dhow cruise is a fantastic method to encounter Dubai, especially if you are visiting for the first time.

When Is The Best Time For A Dubai Dhow Cruise?

On dhow cruise dinner in Dubai, you can enjoy sightseeing or a luxury dining experience throughout the day. In terms of the kind of cruise you want, you can choose daytime cruises, which are tailored towards sightseeing, or evening cruises, which are geared towards entertainment and dinner.

When the city is enveloped in moonlight or at sunset, cruising can be a mystical adventure. Dhow Cruises along Dubai Creek and the Marina offer different experiences depending on what time of day it is. Early morning or afternoon cruise will allow you to see the architectural wonders in all their detail. Try to avoid being outdoors during the sunniest times of the day.

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