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How To Apply for Dubai Visa Online From India 2024

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As tourists from around the globe endure lengthy flights, battling jetlags to reach Dubai, Indians enjoy the convenience of a mere 3-hour flight to the city of world records. The close proximity between Dubai and India establishes it as one of the most frequented destinations by Indian travelers. Whether for leisure, business, or work-related purposes, obtaining a Dubai visa is essential for Indians. Despite India not being among the 33 countries exempt from UAE entry visas, it remains a significant source of the expatriate community residing in Dubai.

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Nationals To Obtain Dubai Visa

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Nationals To Obtain Dubai Visa

Navigating the process of obtaining a Dubai visa for Indian citizens requires a clear understanding of eligibility criteria. Here’s a breakdown of the key requirements, empowering you to apply seamlessly, particularly for a 60-days Dubai visa.

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1. Previous Travel Record

Indian citizens with a travel history to the UAE or other countries like the USA, UK, Schengen nations, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan within the last five years are deemed eligible.

2. Financial Records for Non-Travelers

Applicants without a previous travel record must furnish proper financial documentation. This includes the income tax return of the last two years, showcasing a gross income exceeding INR 2 lakh per annum. The income source can be from business, employment, or a profession.

3. Family Invitation Criteria

Individuals receiving a personal invitation from a close family member residing in the UAE under family status (with a spouse and children below 21 years or parents above 60 years) are eligible. Dubai residents can extend invitations to those meeting these criteria.

4. Honeymoon Travel

Newly married Indian couples embarking on their honeymoon post-marriage can submit the necessary documents. These include an authenticated marriage certificate, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their parents, the wedding card, a valid Photo ID proof, and a marriage photograph. These documents ensure a smooth boarding process for the flight to Dubai.

The Application Process for Dubai Visa 

The Application Process for Dubai Visa 

Embarking on the journey to obtain a Dubai Visa involves several pathways to choose from. Here are the streamlined methods for a seamless application process –

1. Visa Sponsorship by a Local UAE Citizen

This option is available for both work and visitor visas. A local UAE citizen can act as a sponsor, facilitating the visa application process. This sponsorship provides a viable route for individuals seeking various types of visas.

2. Visitor Visa Application through a Local Hotel

Visitors to Dubai can also initiate the visa application process through a local hotel. This convenient method ensures that travelers can secure their visa arrangements directly with the hotel where they plan to stay during their visit.

3. Authorized Airline Agent of Dubai Naturalization & Residency Department in India (DNRD)

The Dubai Naturalization & Residency Department has authorized airline agents in India to facilitate the visa application process. Choosing this route ensures that the application adheres to the department’s regulations and requirements.

4. Visitor Visa Application through a UAE-Based Airline

Another accessible option is to apply for a visitor visa through a UAE-based airline. Airlines operating within the UAE often have streamlined visa application processes, making it convenient for travelers to initiate the visa process while booking their flights.

Various Dubai Visa Categories for Indian Citizens

Various Dubai Visa Categories for Indian Citizens

1. Visitor Visa

Widely applied and approved, the Visitor Visa is ideal for Indian citizens intending to stay in Dubai for over 14 days. Whether for family visits or business reasons, this visa offers a validity of 30 days for short-term stays and 90 days for long-term visits.

2. Transit Visa

Geared towards travelers making a stopover in Dubai, the Transit Visa is issued for breaks during their journey. Requirements for Indian citizens vary, with a minimum 8-hour stop at Dubai airport. Application channels include the respective airline, Dubai hotel authority, or authorized travel agents, and durations range from 48 to 96 hours.

3. Tourist Visa

A special category visa, the Tourist Visa is non-renewable and issued for 30 days for Indian citizens. Heavy fines are imposed for overstaying past the visa expiry, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the stipulated duration.

4. Employment Visa

For Indians seeking employment in Dubai, the Employment Visa is essential. The employer, regardless of being a local or international company, must obtain a work visa from the Dubai Immigration Department to sponsor the employee.

5. Multiple Entry Visa

Tailored for travelers requiring frequent entry and exit during their Dubai visit, the Multiple Entry Visa is available for Indian tourists and business travelers. The validity varies, offering options like 30-days or 60-days, providing flexibility based on individual travel needs.

Understanding the nuances of each visa type ensures that Indian citizens can select the most suitable option based on the purpose and duration of their stay in Dubai. Whether for leisure, transit, tourism, employment, or multiple entries, Dubai offers a diverse range of visa categories to accommodate various travel requirements.


Planning a trip to Dubai from India? We trust this post has been informative in assisting you in choosing the most suitable Dubai Visa Services. However, if you find yourself still uncertain about the visa application process, allow our visa specialists to handle everything for you. Simply leave this task to us, and while we take care of the visa details, you can focus on packing your bags and preparing for your exciting visit to Dubai.

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