60 Days UAE Visa Change Package

Extend your visa without exiting the UAE with a new 60 days visa change package. Why undertake the daunting procedure of leaving the nation and coming back when you can alter the position without exiting the nation? Now Disha Global Tours has presented the new visa extension inside the nation package. 60 days Dubai visa package is obtainable at reasonable costs. The applicant has to just present their documents a couple of days before their last day. The applicant would not have to exit the nation.

Visa expansion or visa change would stand potential for tourists who are already in the United Arab Emirates. Visit or tourist visa holders can expand their visas without exiting. Disha Global Tours would stand giving visa change without exit for visa holders and for on-arrival ethnicities. On arrival, ethnicities can get pre-sanctioned UAE tourist visas.

UAE visa change is becoming hectic for those who wish to alter visas inside the nation. This is because of the long processes the requirement to stand followed as per. The case is majorly faced by the migrant who is performing in the country where they have to expand their Dubai visa to have resided for a long time. The visa professionals at Disha Global Tours would guide you with the right procedure with the 60 days multiple entry Dubai visa.

Documents Required to 60 Days Visa Change

• Scanned colored passport copy first and the last page.
• Scanned white background photo
• On-arrival visa/entry stamp

Guarantor’s Document for Visa Change

• Scanned colored passport copy
• Scanned resident visa with minimum 3-month validity
• Scanned Emirates ID photocopy.

A guarantor can stand a friend or relative who is recently working/ tenant in the country and can stand the point of contact in any emergency.

Advantages of 60 Days Visa Change Package

• Express check-in at Airport
• Sidestep long lines
• No extra airport costs
• Return boarding pass
• City check-in 24 hours before your flight departure

Terms and Conditions for 60 Days Dubai Visa Change

You should follow the terms and conditions for a 2 months Dubai visa change procedure.

• Costs are non-refundable
• Age limitations are applicable for some nationalities
• A Visa application would stand processed just by preparing the document and clearing the amount.
• Documents presented aren’t to stand forged, in case so stringent actions would stand taken against the concerned.
• In case have overstay charges then this should stand paid directly at the immigration counter.

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